make skin look younger the secrets of youthful skin n.
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Make Skin Look Younger PowerPoint Presentation
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Make Skin Look Younger

Make Skin Look Younger

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Make Skin Look Younger

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  1. Make Skin Look Younger:The Secrets of Youthful Skin

  2. The Secrets of Youthful Skin • A wide range of anti-aging skin care products and supplements are available today • Choosing the right skin care products can be a difficult task • Many products contain harsh chemicals that can actually damage skin

  3. Secret #1: Lifestyle • Smoking, tanning, and excess alcohol consumption can all lead to premature skin aging

  4. Secret #1: Lifestyle • Avoiding unnecessary sun exposure is key in keeping skin youthful • Consistent sunscreen usage can slow the aging process of skin by up to 30% • Wearing sunglasses when exposed to direct sunlight in summer and winter can prevent the development of crow’s feet around the eyes

  5. Secret #2: Diet • Proper diet is extremely important in keeping skin youthful.

  6. Secret #2: Diet • Phosphates contained in fast food can cause premature aging, as can a high fat, high sugar diet • Fruit and vegetable consumption and proper hydration in particular can help to maintain a natural, youthful glow • Natural dietary supplements that can actually reverse aging are also available

  7. Secret #3: Stress Reduction • Stress is one of the primary factors in premature skin aging. • Products such as X-tend Life’s Total Balance supplement can help to reduce the effects of stress on your skin.

  8. Secret #3: Stress Reduction • Total Balance • Natural dietary supplement that can help to both reduce stress and counter glycation, primary causes of damaged skin cells that create the appearance of aging. • X-tend Life’s Neuro-Natural Serenity • Help with stress reduction, and contains ingredients that are key in creating balanced methylation, which helps to convert harmful, skin damaging substances into harmless substances.

  9. Secret #4: Topical Solutions • Preventative measures are great, but sometimes it’s necessary to fix skin that’s already been damaged and yes, this can be done.

  10. Secret #4: Topical Solutions • X-tend Life’s Restorative Night Cream • Helps rejuvenate damaged skin, making skin look younger and healthier. • X-tend Life’s Active Day Cream • Natural product that helps to restore skin collagen and elasticity and protect skin from external damage • Combination use of these products can help to turn back the clock on aging skin, making your face get younger instead of older for once.

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