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英语 (新目标)B PowerPoint Presentation
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英语 (新目标)B

英语 (新目标)B

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英语 (新目标)B

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  1. 英语(新目标)B 八年级上册 新课标(RJ)

  2. 单元复习 Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? Unit 2 How often do you exercise? Unit 3I'm more outgoing than my sister. Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater? Unit 5Do you want to watch a game show? 阶段综合测试卷一(Units 1—5)

  3. 单元复习 Unit 6I’m going to study computer science. Unit 7 Will people have robots? Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake? Unit 9 Can you come to my party? Unit 10 If you go to the party, you'll have a great time! 阶段综合测试卷二(Units 6—10) 阶段综合测试卷三 (Units 1—10)

  4. 专题复习 专题归类复习一 专题归类复习二  专题归类复习三

  5. Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? 英语·新课标(RJ)

  6. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 ┃能力提升训练┃ Ⅰ.单项填空 ( )1.—What ________ you do last night? —I ________ my homework.; do; did C.did; do D.did; did ( )2.—Where did Li Shan go last Sunday? —________. A.She goes to the zoo B.She wants to visit her friend C.She wrote a letter D.She went to Tianjin D D 英语·新课标(RJ)

  7. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )3.Today we ________ the Great Wall. I think it's great. A.visits visit C.visiting D.visited ( )4.It's sunny and hot, so we decide ________ to the beach. go B.going going D.go ( )5.________ he ________ at this school last term? A.Did; study B.Does; study C.Was; study D.Did; studied D A A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  8. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅱ.完形填空 My friend, Lin Tao, went on vacation in New York with his parents. He __1__ back last week. He came to __2__ me yesterday and gave me a nice hat. He said he had a great __3__ in New York. He and his parents visited many __4__ places and went shopping there. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  9. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 Lin Tao __5__ went to his pen pal's home for the first time. He didn't know the __6__ to his friend's house. A friendly American boy __7__ him to find it at last. Lin Tao's pen pal is Jimmy. He could __8__ a little Chinese, because he had a trip to China last year. Lin Tao and Jimmy talked __9__ English and Chinese. Lin Tao had dinner with Jimmy's family. They __10__ many photos. I knew a lot about them from these photos. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  10. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )1. A.played B.came C.arrived D.walked ( )2. A.visit B.teach C.discuss D.find ( )3. C.sleepD.trip ( )4. A.interesting B.scary C.delicious D.awful ( )5. A.never B.usually C.also D.always ( )6. B.way C.number D.price ( )7. A.asked B.wanted C.helped D.needed ( )8. A.speak B.say C.tell ( )9. A.on D.for ( )10.A.take B.took C.taking D.taked B A D A C B C A C B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  11. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅲ.阅读理解 A Last Sunday it was snowy. Maria stayed at home. Her cousin Cara came to visit her. Cara came back from Beijing. She told Maria something about her vacation. “It was pretty good.”she said. Cara visited the Palace Museum and the Great Wall. She took many photos. It was lunch time. Maria cooked some noodles with beef, potatoes and tomatoes. Cara ate up the noodles and said slowly, “I think it's delicious!” But Maria thought the food was too awful. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  12. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )1.How was the weather last Sunday? A.Sunny. B.Rainy. C.Snowy. D.Windy. ( )2.Where did Cara go on vacation? A.Sichuan. B.Hainan. C.Beijing. D.Shanghai. ( )3.________ cooked noodles. A.Cara B.Maria C.Maria's mother D.Cara's mother ( )4.Did Cara eat up the noodles? A.Yes, she did. B.No, she didn't. C.We don't know. D.Yes, she didn't. ( )5.There were some ________ in the noodles. A.fruit B.carrots C.tomatoes D.mutton C C B A C 英语·新课标(RJ)

  13. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 B Kim went to a beautiful beach on Monday with his friends. It was sunny and hot. So they had great fun playing in the water. In the afternoon, they went shopping. But the shops were crowded, they didn't really enjoy it. The next day, it was rainy, so they went to a museum. It was boring. Kim found a small boy crying in the corner. The boy was lost. He helped the boy find his father. Kim was very happy. But he had no money for a taxi. So he had to walk back to the hotel. That made him very tired. On Wednesday, the weather was very cool, so they played tennis. They played all morning. It was really fun. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  14. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )6.On Monday, Kim had fun going shopping. ( )7.It was very hot on Wednesday. ( )8.They went to a museum on Tuesday. ( )9.Kim helped a boy find his father and went back to the hotel by taxi. ( )10.They played tennis on a cool day. F F T F T 英语·新课标(RJ)

  15. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅳ.词汇 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.Today the weather is very cool,so we decide _______ (play) tennis. 2.She _______ (stay) at home last night. 3.It's a _______(rain) day. You must take an umbrella with you. 4.I didn't see _______ (someone) in the room. 5.Do you live in the tall ________(build). to play stayed rainy anyone building 英语·新课标(RJ)

  16. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅴ.从方框中选择恰当的句子补全对话(其中有两项多余) A: Hi, Vera. How was your vacation? B: It was great. A: Where did you go? B: 1.____ A: Really? Wow! What did you do there? B: Well, we went to a lot of museums. A: Oh, how were they? B: They were really interesting. 2.____ C E 英语·新课标(RJ)

  17. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 A: Did you go shopping? B: Yeah, I did. A: 3.____ B: Oh, the things were very expensive. A: And how were the people? 4._____ B: Yeah, the people were really friendly. My parents have some English friends, and we had dinner with them. A: 5.____ B: It was delicious. I love English food! B A D 英语·新课标(RJ)

  18. Unit 1┃ 能力提升训练 英语·新课标(RJ)

  19. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅵ.书面表达 今天是6月23日星期日,天气晴朗。你和你的同学张宏参观了北京动物园。那里的动物十分有趣。当你看到有位游客在向猴子投喂食物时,就上前阻止说…… 请根据上面的提示,用英文写一篇日记,记述今天的经历。(注意日记格式) 英语·新课标(RJ)

  20. Unit 1 ┃ 能力提升训练 One possible version: Sunday,June 23thSunny It was sunny today. My classmate Zhang Hong and I visited Beijing Zoo.There are many animals there.They were so interesting.People loved them very much.When I was watching,I saw a visitor throwing food to the monkeys. I went over to stop him,and said, “Don't throw any food to the animals in the zoo.” We had great fun there. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  21. Unit 1 ┃ 易错点针对训练 ┃易错点针对训练┃ ( )1.My mum ________ sports yesterday morning. A.didn't B.not did C.doesn't do D.didn't do ( )2.—________ was their vacation? —It________ great. A.What; was B.How; was C.How; is D.What; is ( )3.It is sunny. What ________ weather! A.a good B.a bad C.great D.bad D B C 英语·新课标(RJ)

  22. Unit 1┃ 易错点针对训练 ( )4.We usually stay at home on ________days. A.rain B.raining C.rainy D.rained ( )5.I don't feel ________ and don't want to eat ________. A.good; anything B.well; anything C.good; nothing D.well; something C B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  23. Unit 2 How often do you exercise? 英语·新课标(RJ)

  24. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅰ.单项填空 ( )1.—How often does he write e­mails to his friend? —________. A.Once a monthB.In a week C.For half an hour D.Each Monday ( )2.He ________ gets up early, so he is ________ late for school. A.always; always B.always; never C.ever; always D.never; never ( )3.It is terrible.It's raining so ________ that we can_______ go out. A.hard; hardly B.hard; hard C.hardly; hard D.hardly; hardly A B A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  25. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 D ( )4.Eating more vegetables ________ good________ your health. A.are; to; to C.are; for; for ( )5.I usually exercise ten ________ eleven times a week. C.for ( )6.He knows a lot ________ he is still a child. B.although C.but D.or A B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  26. Unit 2┃ 能力提升训练 英语·新课标(RJ)

  27. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 C C 英语·新课标(RJ)

  28. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )3. A. do B. doing C. did D. does ( )4. A. eats B. ate C. eating D. eat ( )5. A. stay B. keep C. have D. do ( )6. A. for B. up C. after D. at ( )7. A. sleeps B. exercises C. sports D. studys ( )8. A. at school B. after supper C. on weekends D. in the evening ( )9. A.But B. Although C. So D. And ( )10. B.on D.for B B A C B C B C 英语·新课标(RJ)

  29. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 A What Helps Them Stay Healthy? Zhang Wei:What helps me stay healthy?Well, I like fruit and vegetables.I eat a lot of them.I don't eat unhealthy snacks like chips.Chips make me fat—I hate that! I am also on the badminton team.My teacher has me practice a lot.All that exercise helps me stay in shape! Susan Brown:My mom helps me stay healthy.She always makes me go to bed early on weekdays.So I feel ready for school in the mornings.My mom also gives me a lot of work around the house.Sometimes I don't like that,but I do it all.This work keeps me busy—it's like exercise!I like any kind of exercise.! 英语·新课标(RJ)

  30. Unit 2┃ 能力提升训练 Wang Gang: Well,I go swimming in summer and skating in winter.I don't watch television very much.I read books.I can learn a lot in this way!I also drink a lot of milk.Milk helps bones(骨头)become strong.All these things keep me healthy and happy. ( )1.What's the passage about? A.How to study hard. B.How to be healthy. C.How to eat every day. D.How to stay busy. B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  31. Unit 2┃ 能力提升训练 ( )2.Susan Brown________. a lot of television B.eats a lot of unhealthy snacks on a badminton team D.goes to bed early on weekdays ( )3.Who helps Susan Brown stay healthy? A.Her mother.B.Her teacher. C.Her friends. D.Herself. . D A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  32. Unit 2┃ 能力提升训练 ( )4.Wang Gang usually gets a lot of knowledge by________. A.reading newspapers B.watching TV C.listening to his teacher D.reading books ( )5.Which of the following is TRUE? A.Susan loves eating apples. B.Wang Gang likes milk. C.Vegetables are unhealthy. D.Zhang Wei never exercises. D B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  33. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 B 中学生上网一直是备受关注的热点话题。某班就这一话题组织了一次主题班会,以下是几位同学的观点。请仔细阅读下面内容,完成信息记录卡。 Li Hua:Surfing the Internet is very exciting. We can do lots of things on the Internet,such as playing games, listening to music, chatting with our friends and so on. I really enjoy it. Wang Gang:I like surfing the Internet,too. Because I can learn a lot from it. I can get the latest news from all over the world. I can also find the information I need so that I can spend less time on my homework. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  34. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 Zhang Jie:It's hard to say. I agree that the Internet is helpful to our study. But it's not right to spend too much time on the games. And some information on the Internet is bad for our mind. What's more,surfing too much does harm to our eyes. In a word,we should use the Internet in a right way. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  35. Unit 2┃ 能力提升训练 (our) friends information faster/more quickly/better/more easily… 英语·新课标(RJ)

  36. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 eyes in a right way/properly/correctly 英语·新课标(RJ)

  37. Unit 2┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅳ.词汇 (A)根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。 1.Lisa visits her parents o___  a month. 2.H___is more important than wealth(财富). 3.Do you like watching t______? 4.I like writing stories, and I want to be a w____. 5.—What's your favorite TV program? —I like A____World best. nce ealth elevision riter nimal 英语·新课标(RJ)

  38. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 (B)用所给词的适当形式填空。 6.—How often do you go to the shop? —___ (two) a week. 7.We go to the movies three ___(time) a month. 8.My friend ____ (watch) TV on Sundays. 9.His ___ (eat) habits are pretty good. 10.My mother wants me ___ toeat(eat) lots of fruit. Twice times watches eating to eat 英语·新课标(RJ)

  39. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅴ.从方框中选择恰当的句子补全对话 A: 1.______ B: I usually exercise. A: 2.______ B: Hmm…about twice a week, I guess. A: 3.______ B: Never.It's boring sometimes, and the cinema is noisy. A: Do you usually surf the Internet? B: 4.______ And I love watching TV programs on it. A: 5.______ B: Lucky 52 on CCTV­2. A: Thanks for coming to the interview. B: You're welcome. D C B E A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  40. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 英语·新课标(RJ)

  41. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅵ.书面表达 假如你最好的朋友Mary各方面习惯都很好。请从以下几个方面向大家介绍一下她的生活习惯: 1.在学校很努力,经常在家看书,有时上网。 2.身体很健康,每周锻炼三四次,每天步行上学。 3.饮食习惯很好,每天吃很多蔬菜和水果。 英语·新课标(RJ)

  42. Unit 2 ┃ 能力提升训练 One possible version: Mary is my best friend.She studies hard at school,and she often reads some books at home.Sometimes she surfs the Internet.She is very healthy.She exercises three or four times a week. She likes playing basketball,playing soccer and running.She walks to school every day.She has good eating habits, too.She eats lots of vegetables and fruit every day. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  43. Unit 2 ┃ 易错点针对训练 ( )1.—________ did you spend doing your homework last night? —For half an hour. A. How oftenB. How many C. How much D. How long ( )2. He is young, ________ he is brave. A. though B. althoug C. but D. / ( )3. The children are so excited that they can ________ speak. A. hard B. hardly C. difficult D. difficultly ┃易错点针对训练┃ D C B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  44. Unit 2 ┃ 易错点针对训练 ( )4. It is very important ________ English well. A. learning B. to learn C. learn D. learned ( )5.She writes to her parents ________ a month. A.twice B.two C.three time D.third times ( )6.He ________ plays computer games. He is a good student. A.hardly ever B.always C.usually D.often B A A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  45. Unit 2 ┃ 易错点针对训练 ()7.My mother wants me ________ milk every morning. drink B.drinking C.drink drinking ( )8.Mary often helps her parents ________ the housework. A.with B.on D.of ( )9.Please drink some milk. It's good ________your health. B.for D.with ( )10.My sister often goes shopping ________ weekends. B.on D.for A A B B 英语·新课标(RJ)

  46. Unit 3 I'm more outgoing than my sister. 英语·新课标(RJ)

  47. Unit 3 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅰ.单项填空 ( )1.—Which color do you like________, blue or green? —Blue. A.goodB.better D.the best ( )2.Sometimes walking is even ________than driving during the busy traffic time. A.last B.faster C.slowD.slower ( )3.Li Lei, my best friend, is ________outgoing than any other student in his class. A.much B.many C.more D.very ┃能力提升训练┃ B B C 英语·新课标(RJ)

  48. Unit 3 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )4.Taking a bus in Beijing is ________than taking a taxi. A.more cheap B.much cheaper C.a little cheap D.less cheaper ( )5.We don't look the same, ________ we're twins. A.though B.but C.and B A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  49. Unit 3 ┃ 能力提升训练 ( )6.Li Lei is good at________. B.running C.runs run ( )7.Sam looks like his dad.They are ________ tall. A.either B.any C.allD.both ( )8.________ very important for us to learn English because it is an international language. A.It is B.It C.That is D.We are B D A 英语·新课标(RJ)

  50. Unit 3 ┃ 能力提升训练 Ⅱ.完形填空 I was waiting for the bus when I met the woman. “You look__1__. Come and sit here,” she said. “__2__are you going?” “I don't know.I just want to catch a__3__and see what it will be like at the end.” “I'm afraid you'll see__4__there. Why don't you enjoy the sights on the way?” “How can I do that while my heart's__5__?” I asked sadly. My best friend had left me. 英语·新课标(RJ)