master the art of decorating a master bedroom n.
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Master The Art Of Decorating A Master Bedroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Master The Art Of Decorating A Master Bedroom

Master The Art Of Decorating A Master Bedroom

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Master The Art Of Decorating A Master Bedroom

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  1. Master The Art Of Decorating A Master Bedroom

  2. Well, who doesn't loves a beautiful master bedroom where you can find all the luxuries and comfort of the world altogether. A bedroom which is nothing less than eye candy and can soothe your brain and body, a place where you always want to be and feels like your own.

  3. For such a darling bedroom you definitely need some artistic bend to create it the way you want. One such amazing and the functional thing is a nightstand which altogether adds to decoration and functional value to a bedroom.

  4. A nightstand definitely holds a very important role in the bedroom and is a fine combination of divisions which can make your room a beautiful place reserved for intimacy and rest. Nightstand adds a lot to your bedroom.

  5. For appropriate decor it brings a major difference by turning a simple bedroom into a beautiful place, where all the furniture and accessories are perfectly balanced. They are great to bring subtle changes to your bedroom. This small pair of furniture has a very big impact on overall room decor and with a good or bad choice it can either break or make the room beauty.

  6. Follow certain thumb rules before hitting the market to find a perfect nightstand- Disposition -Predecide the exact placement for your nightstand for an organized and well-settled bedroom and how much space you can dedicate for it so that room may not look overcrowded.

  7. Configuration - Decide your nightstand configuration - wood, metal or glass that is easy for you to maintain and gets well with the rest of the furniture pieces in your bedroom and not dominate them.

  8. Color pallet - Color coordination is must based on your wall and roof color, headboard color, curtains and other textile material of the room.

  9. Height - Measure the height of the bed and mattresses so that the nightstand remains at a comfortable height for you to use.

  10. Shape - Chose a shape to avoid a dead-end corner and a shape that goes well with the bed shape.

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