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Weight Loss

Tube gastrectomy can also be done by keyhole surgery but it not reversible. Navigate to know about laparoscopic weight reduction methods.<br>For more details, visit:

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Weight Loss

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  1. Sleeve Gastrectomy (Tube Gastrectomy) procedure involves removing the lateral 2/3rds of the stomach with a stapling device. It can be done laparoscopically ( keyhole surgery) but is not reversible. It basically leaves a stomach tube instead of a stomach sack. For more details, visit:

  2. Laparoscopic Surgery Laparoscopy is direct visualization of the abdominal cavity and intra-abdominal organs by using a laparoscopy. The laparoscope is a long thin instrument with a light source at its tip, to light up the inside of the abdomen or pelvis. Fibreoptic fibres carry images from a lens, also at the tip of the instrument, to a video monitor, which the surgeon and other theatre staff can view in real time. Medical weight loss Gastric banding Medical weight loss California For more details, visit:

  3. Procedures Obesity Surgery For more details,visit:

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