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slot machines

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slot machines

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  1. Slot Machines

  2. Slot machines are also called Slots, fruit machines or poker machines in various countries. They are also sometims called one-armed bandit because the earlier versions had a lever on one side, which had to be pulled to spin the slots. This lever is now replaced by a button on most machines. They are the most commonly known form of gambling and can make up to 70% of a casinos income. How do you play a slot machine? When the player pulls a lever or pushes a button, a set of three rings with display pictures on them, will spin. Whether the player wins or loses is determined by which pictures line up along a payline, which is a line in the middle of the viewing window. If the set of three pictures is the same as that in the payline, you win. Modern slot machines The look and feel of the slot machine has changed little since it was first invented. But the technology that runs it has changed quite a bit. It usually now is a computer that controls where the reels will stop and not the rotation of the reels. The computer stops each reel at a predetermined point with the use of step motors. This computerized form now gives each player an equal chance of hitting te jackpot.

  3. The attraction of this form of gambling is that it requires no great skill or knowledge. Anyone of any age (provided they are adults) can play. It is highly addictive and is designed to feel as though the player is always just one step away from winning big. But in actuality, the odds of winning would have been much lower. The methods of payout also vary. A 'standard or flat top box' has a fixed amount as the winning payout which never changes. But the payout in a 'progressive machine' keeps increasing as every player adds money to it. When it reaches the jackpot figure, one player takes all the accumulated earnings. For More Information Visit http://www.slotmachinesforsale.com/

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