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Ninja Slot Online

Slots Online website is an informational resource covering the most widespread casino game -Slots.

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Ninja Slot Online

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  1. SHOW Slots Online Right Here Slots Online website is an informational resource covering the most widespread casino game -Slots. Thanks to its simplicity slots games always entice a lot of inexperienced gamblers who are looking for immediate prizes with little money ventured. Mega Moolah Play Now At Casino Classic! Online website is aimed at distributing basic slots gaming rules and refuting a common myth that slots machines are the worst gamble in a casino. Here you can find some tips proving that making bad bets at the craps table or blackjack table can give far worse odds than any slot machine. Besides, Slots Online website initiates users into the history of slots games and the major principles of slots manufacturing which programs the odds of victories. Here you can find out the advantages of online slots machines and the differences between land-based slots and their online equivalents. In addition, you can get acquainted with free slots provided by various online gambling websites. Slots Online website will turn your slots gaming into exciting and profitable entertainment! Play now and make a US online casino deposit! Online Bingo is around for many of years and is here to give entertainment to online casino players of all ages. Before few years ago casino players would not have dream to play online bingo , but now they play it today with great fervor. Online Slots Find excellent slots games online like 9 Line Slots and play video slots and many slots variations at top online casinos Casino France Welcome to ninjaslotsonline – a guide to the game of online casino that offers rules to the game and the strategy counsel on how to play the casino games correctly, help maximizes the return on your game dollars. Slot Tip converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

  2. It’s a common myth that Slot machines are the worst gamble in a casino. The truth is that making bad bets at the craps table or blackjack table can give far worse odds than any slot machine Many question what kind of playing strategies could be devised for a completely random game. No slot playing strategy will guarantee a winning session. However, the player who follows some simple playing rules will stretch out his bankroll and be better off in the long run. Besides, there are some money management strategies that will help you stay in the slots game longer. Basic Slot Strategy 1. Seek out the highesat payout possible. This may seem obvious, but many slot players disregard this dictum. There can be a difference of 10% or more in the payback percentage offered by the same slot machine located in a casino in Detroit versus a casino in North Las Vegas. The player has a far better chance where general payback percentages are greater; 2. Seek out the higher pay slot machines. Slots managers generally place higher paying machines in high traffic/high visibility areas. This is so that people will notice the machine paying off and be inclined to try their own luck. Be careful, however. Slot managers may place loose machines in a high visibility area like an elevated carousel where everyone can see winning pulls. Players will assume that all the slot machines on a carousel are loose. Slot managers are generally several steps ahead of players, it is their business, after all. They will mix their tight slots in the same carousel as their loose slots; 3. Join the player’s club and always use your player’s card. Use of a slot players card has no effect on the outcome of the pull. It can, however, help you get some of your money back. Many casinos offer a “cashback” program that gives the player back a percentage of their total play. Additionally, all casinos offer comps. Take advantage of these offers, join the player’s club and always use your card. 4. Play maximum coins at all times: Payback percentages are calculated to include the jackpot amounts. Jackpots, generally, are only paid on maximum coin pulls. If you play at less than maximum coin, your payback will be less than maximum; 5. Seek out single payline slot machines. These machines are less expensive to play. Your money will last longer, and your chances of winning a big jackpot, will be greater on a single payline machine; 6. Play only two coin or three coin slot machines. Once again, your money will last longer on a two coin max coin machine than on a three coin max coin machine. You will be able to play longer and be in the running for a jackpot longer; 7. Have a Money Management and Playing Strategy set up BEFORE you even get into the casino. Going into a casino without a money management or playing strategy is like trying to build a house without a set of plans. It is a prescription for disaster; 8. Stay away from progressive slots. Payouts on progressives are much lower than on regular slot machines. For the casual slot player, they are a bad bet; 9. Use the Play Through Betting Method. As part of your plan, only bet with the amount you planned to bet that session. If your session plan is to bet $200, then converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

  3. play the $200 through the slot machines, and no more. Pocket whatever wins you have generated off the original bet and end the session. Do not play off the credit meter. Advanced Slot Strategy The “Play Through” slot playing strategy dovetails with the money management strategy outlined here. Let’s say you have budgeted $300 for a slot session. You might want to budget $50 or $100 per machine and hit three or more slot machines. Play the amount budgeted through each slot machine only. Do not play the from the credit meter. The casinos make this a little difficult, because they want you to play from the credit meter, in the end they make more money that way because you lose more, faster. When you venture to a new slot machine, convert your budget for that machine to tokens before you start to play. If you want to play $100 in a quarter machine, buy $100 worth of tokens and play them through. When you are done, collect your credits and cash them in. This is similar to the Play Through Strategy above. Take the requisite amount of tokens and play them through, with a jackpot stop point. That is, if you hit a jackpot before you have played through your budgeted tokens, take the money and run. Many slot players insist that the best time to gamble is after the tourists have left, late Sunday night into early Monday morning or after any major holiday. The theory is that novice gamblers will not generally play max coins and the slot machines will be “primed” to pay off. The early morning is a good time to play slots for the abovementioned reasons plus the fact that you will probably have an easier time choosing a machine. Serious slot players must restrict their play to casinos in jurisdictions where slot results are published. Play the highest denomination that you can afford. Play at casinos that offer the most generous comps. Success at slots is much like success at blackjack or video poker. If you follow the “correct” strategy, play a “perfect” game, and use your slot club card at all times you will do very well at a tough game. You may not win a lot of money, but you will have a lot of fun and get a lot of free vacations in the form of comps. There is some truth that the higher denomination machine payoff slightly more often than the smaller denomination slot machines. The nickel and quarter machines usually pay the least, while the $100.00 slot machines pay off the most often. It is also true that if you are a regular player, and play a lot the casino may consider you a preferred customer. These preferred customers may be given rewards by the casino in an attempt to keep their business. So it may be to your advantage to stay with only one casino and do all of your gaming at the same place. Simple Slots For simple slot machines where you simply bet one coin and pull the lever there converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

  4. is no strategy, you simply play for fun. Just remember to play at a level you can afford. Take your wins when you get them, accept your losses, and enjoy yourself. Multiple-Coin slots are slot machines that allow for multiple coins to be played. There are two different types: 1. On some, you can increase your odds of winning by increasing the number of payout lines. Each coin played adds another payout line up to a maximum of five, three horizontal lines and two diagonal lines. The slot machine will pay out on winning sequences on all lines you’ve bet on. 2.On others, you can increase the payout on winning at slots depending on your bet. For example, if one coin is played a payout might be 200 coins, 500 coins for two coins played and 1000 coins if a third coin is played. The best slot strategy for these machines is to play the maximum numbers of coins, because assuming you win the same number of times the additional payout percentage makes you more money. Think about stepping down a level if you want to limit your wagers, it is smarter to play a quarter machine using maximum coins rather than to play a dollar machine using one coin. Changing Your Bet Size This strategy is good for all slots but is not an advised method of play on progressives. Rather than staying at the same amount of coins /credits per spin try changing your bet sizes around. For example bet, 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins, 2 coins and so on. On a 1 cent slot with 20 pay lines, playing all pay lines you would bet 20, 100, 200, 400, 500, 400, 200 and so on. This gives you the chance of getting the higher win multiplier without using too much money. If you are lucky you will hit winning pay lines when you are on the higher bets. This slot strategy is great for machines that offer free spins or bonus rounds because you can get free spins at a higher bet level than you would usually play. It does not change the odds of winning at slots in any way. Maximum Bet In general it is best to play slots at the maximum bet available. By this we mean the maximum amount of credits or coins per spin. It is a myth however that your bet size affects the outcome of any spin. The only exception we have to this rule is when playing multi pay line slots with more than 3 reels. On these slots max bet can quickly reduce even the biggest bankroll. With this in mind you can easily find a slot machine to suit any budget. With a smaller bankroll look for games where there is a max bet of two coins. Or change the coin size of the slot you wish to play, go from dollar slots to quarter games and max bet is less than one coin on the dollar game. Always look around and find a slot that suits you. Especially with progressive slots max bet is the only way to play. Why? Almost all progressive require max bet to be played to win the jackpot. Without max coins you can hit the right symbols and miss out. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

  5. These strategies for slot machine play may work for you, or they may not, but they do give you a framework to work on. Pulls on any one machine, especially the high-end machines, $1.00 $5.00 and up. If you want to set a higher limit that’s up to you. Maximum coin play, on some slot machines it is best to play the maximum number of coins, depending on you and your bank roll. Only you can decide how many coins you want to play. Run, if you get a good hit, play another couple of pulls and run. Money Management You should know where you stand at all times. Use the counters on the slots to your advantage. Don’t play credits. Cash in and play coins it’s slower and you can use the counters to keep track of where you stand. Wander around, if you’re not hitting, stop and wander around, take a break. Walk around, enjoy watching others play. Specialize, find slot machines that you understand and play them. Don’t play just any machine. Learn what machines appeal to you and stick with them, we all have favorites that’s part of the fun. Take a chance, if you are up you can afford to take a chance on high end machines even the 5.00 slots. If you do get a hit… run. Read the machine, make sure you understand the payoff schedule on any slot you play, you will avoid disappointment. Once you have done this you will avoid certain slot machines. One coin play, you don’t need to play three coins at all times, particularly on high end slot machines, $1.00 $5.00 and up. Find machines that will allow one coin play and still payout the maximum. I am not talking about pay for play type machines, nor three or five liners. I am talking about single line slot machines that payout on all symbols for 1 coin. You will sometimes think, gee if I had played three coins I would have won three times as much, beware the Casinos main weapon…. Greed. Set your own rules, because a machine takes up to 5 plus coins does not mean you have to play that many. If you read the machine you will see, in many cases, that the payout per coin is exactly the same relative value. In other words many slots will pay X for 1 coin and 2X for 2 coins and 3X for 3 coins. Luck, do not underestimate the luck factor. If you win you are just Plain lucky. A $50.00 book on winning at slots won’t give better advice. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Coherent by WordPress.com Ninja slots online . | converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

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