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Local Business Listing Professional Help

Local Business Listing update frustration. Business owners are having difficulty updating their local business listings on their own. These are only a few examples of the problems business owners run into. Reviewing the forums of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, you will find many more questions and frustrations.

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Local Business Listing Professional Help

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  1. Local Business Listings A Simple Description: Why the Local Business Needs Help with Local Business Listings

  2. Local Business Listings have an inevitable draw-back to a local business. Time resources! Updating your local business at six or more local listing websites is only the tip of the ice berg. Maintaining these listings becomes an ongoing weekly event.

  3. Frustrations about updating Local Business Listings at the major search engine group forums include the following excerpts: "I have tried several times to edit my our business local listing and it tells me status pending review." "I've been trying to get my current address, phone number and website address updated in my local listing for months.“ "Recently, I have submitted my local business and had been waiting for my verification PIN. After 20 days I have received that PIN number, but my listing has been already verified by someone else."

  4. Do You Understand How This Works At Each Local Business Listing Website?

  5. Certainly the search engines have tried very hard to make this process as easy as possible. The individual tasks can appear to raise more questions to someone who is not familiar with the information or the process. Make Your Valuable Time Count!

  6. Each question requiring an update also raises a question in the mind of the business owner. These silent questions begin to focus on the business brand, the message, the marketing strategy. Question like "Am I entering the right information?" "Am I entering the information in correctly?“ You want to make sure this marketing tool works in your favor!

  7. Why Do I Have To Update My Listing At Multiple Local Listing Websites? The answer lies with iPhone, Blackberry and Palm. The mobile application developers for these phones will be the ones to decide which database of local listing they will use. Since any of these databases can be used, it only makes sense to have the local business listing information updated in as many locations as possible. Reach Your Local Customers From Any Mobile Device Platform Blackberry iPhone Palm

  8. Did We Mention Your Customers Can Post A Review? Positive or Negative Comments By Anyone Comments have to be reviewed and managed at ALL local listing locations

  9. Let Us Help You! SmartFinds Internet Marketing is a digital marketing agency dedicated to one thing: helping you drive business through Internet marketing. We leverage our 15 years of experience in the Internet industry to help you create successful online customer relationships, giving you a powerful marketing edge.

  10. Benefits of Local Business Listing • Listings can show up in search results • Helps advertise your business for free • Helps promote any discounts, offers, promotions • Displays on Mobile maps (e.g. iPhone) • Displays your business photos and videos • Update anytime • Free statistics and insights about people searching and finding your listing • Can potentially eliminate your yellow page advertising cost.

  11. Let us help you prepare your local business listings with the major search engines and local directories. Get the right keywords, your pictures, your videos, your coupons, offers and much more into the local listings. You have a choice between a one-time setup for $395 only or $395 setup and a monthly $12.95/month subscription fee will get you regular updates and statistics.

  12. Creative Strategies. Resourceful Methods. Innovative Ideas. Connecting you with the Right Audience. Use the full power of the Internet with us!

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