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Indian Marble Stone PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Marble Stone

Indian Marble Stone

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Indian Marble Stone

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  1. SMG Overseas - Marble Stone Exporters To enshrine your marble floor forever, use various techniques to remove scratches!

  2. SMG Overseas - Marble Stone Exporters Marble stone is undoubtedly one of the most ideal natural stones when it comes to flooring. It is mostly preferred by the interior designers, and homemakers. It is easy and low on maintenance and comes with several beautiful designs and colors, durability and longevity.

  3. SMG Overseas - Marble Stone Exporters As they say, a home is a man’s castle, and thus should be taken good care of. This is the best place one could ever be and we should wisely invest in whatever we do to our homes. One such important element is the flooring. On one hand, referring to the choice of your trusted interior designers and home makers, you have used Indian marble stone in your house, on the other hand you must now know how to take care of it.

  4. SMG Overseas - Marble Stone Exporters If you have been through these problems, remove scratches from your marble stone floor with some of the tips we would share with you. Take a bowl and fill it with water and mild dish washing detergent and mix them well. Keep the water a little warm, but make sure it’s not hot. Now take a soft cloth and wet it. Wring it well and then gently rub the marble floor wherever you see the scratches. Sometimes scratches are caused by dirt and grit and a gentle cleaning like this can help you remove them. Remember to be gentle.

  5. SMG Overseas - Marble Stone Exporters Now clean the Marble stone floor with a dry cloth and ensure that all the soap remains are removed from the surface. You may also use fine sandpaper or steel wool. Gel gloss is another way to remove scratches on the marble floor. Follow the instructions of the product.

  6. SMG Overseas - Marble Stone Exporters Address: C-4, 201, Silver Oak Apartment, S.J.S Highway, Bani Park, JAIPUR – (INDIA) Phone: +91-141-2207936 / 2204468 / 4040799 FAX: +91-141-2204799 Email : Website: