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Top Symptoms of Gum Disease PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Symptoms of Gum Disease

Top Symptoms of Gum Disease

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Top Symptoms of Gum Disease

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  1. Top Symptoms of Gum Disease Did you know that bacteria can grow in your gums? You may be knowing that bacteria can grow in a lot of places, yes its true bacteria can grow in your gums too and can cause inflammation of the gums. Gum disease is an infection of the tissues that surround and hold your teeth. Untreated Gum diseases like periodontists and gingivitis can eventually lead to tooth loss and other dental and health problems. Gum disease is one of the reasons why our p eriodontist in Navi Mumbai recommends preventative dental care. So it's important to recognize early warning signs and symptoms. Gum Diseases are avoidable with the correct dental care. Look out some of the most common Symptoms of gum diseases - 1. Irritation and Redness of gums - Having swollen, red or sore gums can be a sign of gum disease, however, using hard bristles brush or brushing your teeth too vigorously can also result in redness or swollen gums. That’s why it is recommended to use a soft-bristled brush with proper gentle cleaning stroke. But if doing every properly and then also having swollen or irritated gums, then it could be an early sign of gum disease. Dental Care in Navi Mumbai provides best standard treatment. 2. Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? If yes, then this is never a normal occurrence despite what you may think if your gums bleed regularly after brushing, then it's not normal and could be an indication of gum disease. In this case, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

  2. 3. Gum recession. Your pink, healthy tissue surrounding the teeth begins to recede or to pull back when you have gum recession. It makes the tooth look longer as this exposes more of the tooth’s structure and its root. Gum recession occurs so gradually, so people don’t realize they have it, although it is a common condition that is primarily caused by periodontal disease. You shouldn’t ignore Gum recession condition, it can result in the destruction of bone tissue and more gums, and even tooth loss, if left untreated. 4. A bad taste in your mouth or Bad breath. Unpleasant tastes or Bad breath could be caused by what you ate last night or they may result from gum disease. There could be a problem with your gums if the odor or the taste is persistent or if it doesn’t seem to go away over time. 5. Pain when chewing or Tooth Sensitivity . There are many things that can cause tooth sensitivity or pain like tooth decay, an old filling, root canal problem or even a cracked tooth. This unpleasant sensation can also be caused by gum disease. tooth’s roots may get exposed through receding gums and may cause a sensation of pain when brushing or chewing, which aren’t as well protected from the mouth’s harsh environment, the chewing surfaces. It's important to find out what the cause if this sensation persists. Know more about gum diseases, gum surgeries, tooth implant cost Vashi, oral care, and about any other dental problems. Visit Smile Evolve – Best Dental Clinic in Panvel, vashi and Navi Mumbai and get treated by our Specialized dentist.