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Why you should leave chimney cap repair to the professionals PowerPoint Presentation
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Why you should leave chimney cap repair to the professionals

Why you should leave chimney cap repair to the professionals

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Why you should leave chimney cap repair to the professionals

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  1. Why you should leave chimney cap repair to the professionals Everyone loves a do it yourself job because it not only saves money, but it can make your feel good about your home. There are some jobs that are much better left to professionals. Having any type of chimney cap repair is one of them. While the actual repair work may be something you can do, you also have to consider:

  2. The risk of working on the chimney • The lack of experience in being able to spot other problems with the chimney • The potential the chimney to have a bird or insect infestation The last one and the first one go together too. If birds, bats or wasps have taken up residence on your chimney you don't want to be finding out when you disturb them by trying to do the chimney cap repair. A professional service is prepared for everything and knows what the risks are. They also will be able to spot the signs of an infestation sooner and protect themselves.Annapolis Chimney Inspection

  3. Why not just leave the cap alone? • This is a very common and very serious mistake that homeowners often make. The actual chimney cap part is the smallest part of the chimney. In fact, many people think it is ornamental and serves no real purpose. When it begins to show signs of needing repair homeowners think it is something they can skip over if there is no money in the budget for it right now. That can be a very expensive judgment to make. What your chimney cap does is essential to promoting the health and safety of your home.Columbia chimney cleaning

  4. The purpose of a chimney cap Chimney caps do have an ornamental purpose. They are up there and in view of everyone so it is reasonable that they have developed into a kind of calling card for the home. The real reason they are in place is anything but cosmetic. The chimney cap is an essential part of your fireplace. The cap serves to preserve the integrity of the masonry structure. It “caps off” the runs of brick or stone and makes them stronger as a unit because it serves to connect all of the sides. It keeps rain and snow from entering your chimney and making the interior too damp for burning. If you don't use your chimney keeping foul weather out is important to manage your moisture levels in the home too. Most importantly, chimney caps keep birds and insects out of your chimney, while keeping hot ash and cinders in.

  5. What to do when you need repair • If you can already tell that you need chimney cap repair you should call a reputable contractor immediately for service. If you are not sure, now is the time to find someone who can provide you with a regular chimney sweep service. That chimney sweep also serves to be a point of inspection for your whole chimney. This is one of the best ways to catch a problem while it is small enough to repair easily and without great cost. Chimney Cap Repair