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Brand Activation Agency PowerPoint Presentation
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Brand Activation Agency

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Brand Activation Agency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our brand activation marketing helps in visibility enhancement, targetting trade partners & engaging customers to your national and MNC brands across the categories like Automobile, Consumer Durable, FMCG, Agri inputs, Telecoms, Education etc. This rides your brand in digital integration. Please stay with us for better branding activation strategy at

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Brand Activation Agency

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    1. AscentGroupIndia AscentBrandCommunicationsPvtLtd

    2. Ascent Brand Communications Pvt Ltd is a flagship company of Ascent Group India with market standing of more than 15 years having successful track record of PAN India campaigns for national and MNC brands across the categories like Automobile, Consumer Durable, FMCG, Agri inputs, Telecoms, Education etc. Over the period of time we have evolved and developed specializations in different domains like Rural, Retail, Activation, Digital, Events and Social. We have come up with specialized divisions with adequate resources and talent and offer you bouquets to meet your marketing, sales and organizational objectives.

    3. digital pitara DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTION Encircle BRAND ACTIVATION amplify EVENT MANAGEMENT Connect SOCIAL Ourcommunities OUR Services Wearea360degreebrand communicationscompanyforover12 yearsandspecialize W W W . A S C E N T G R O U P I N D I A . C O M

    4. KNOWUS We are a 360 degree brand communications company for over 12 years and specialize in strategic brand and marketing communications which help the clients, touch and make an impact on the lives of people be it customers or channel partners. We at Ascent, with our expertise and efficiency, devise creative concepts which enable your brand to create an identity in an innovative manner. We provide fully integrated multidisciplinary services to build image, create awareness and augment the ultimate sales of the clients. With an in-depth knowledge of regional markets, our promotional strategies provide the right sharpness to our client’s communication for stupendous market penetration. W W W . A S C E N T G R O U P I N D I A . C O M

    5. 360 degree strategic plan with on-ground translation abilities Cutting-edge Marketing models for better efficiency and productivity Reporting with analytical inputs for speedy actions Disruptive touch points for unique TG Featuredcommunity: DIFFERENTIATORS W W W . A S C E N T G R O U P I N D I A . C O M


    7. Ascent’sPhilosophy ThetrumpcardthatmakesanorganizationawinneristhePeople; theonesweworkwith,workfor,andworktowards. Ascent,thewordsays ‘Rise’.Theriseofanorganizationdependson thesingle-mostpowerfulforcenamed ‘People’.AtAscent,we believeinreachingouttothepeopledirectlywithoutjumping throughseveralhoops.Peopleenjoyattentionandifit’sundivided, it’sdefinitelybetter. Ascent’sprowessliesinunderstandingpeople.Whattheywantand howwecanhelpthemachievetheirneeds. W W W . A S C E N T G R O U P I N D I A . C O M

    8. Ascent -Logo Ascent,thewordexplainsourzesttoclimbup,flyhigher & reachnewheightsbysettingnewstandardsof providingexcellentservicesateverylevel. Theupwarddirectionofthekitesinourlogoexhibitsourstrong determinationofacquiringaconstantgrowthandachievinghigher milestonesforourclients. Thetogethernessofthesekitesdepictstheintegrationofourservices toattaincommunicationobjectiveswithmaximumimpact & mileage. Thedeepbluecolorofourlogosymbolizesourconfidence,expertise & dependability. Differentshadesofblueexplainthevariety & innovationinour services. Minting

    9. Contactus 40, Ascent House, 2nd Floor, Brijeshwari Annexe, Kanadia Road, Indore- 452001 (M.P.) Ph: (+91) 731-4279683 Email: Pan India Business contact: (+91) 9303337321 W W W . A S C E N T G R O U P I N D I A . C O M

    10. Thankyou. w w w . a s c e n t g r o u p i n d i a . c o m