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discovering, together.…

discovering, together.…

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discovering, together.…

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  1. discovering, together.…

  2. Nau Mai Haere Mai kiteWhareWananga o OPC Greetings and Welcome to the Learning Facility of OPC

  3. In 1972 Graeme Dingle had a vision to create an outdoor education centre where young New Zealanders would have the opportunity to learn more about themselves while adventuring in the outdoors. This vision was supported by Sir Edmund Hillary who became the Centre’s first patron in 1973. For almost 40 years now OPC has been fulfilling Dingle’s vision and helping thousands of people grow.

  4. Our Mission Developing people’s potential through:

  5. Students leave OPC having had the opportunity to learn: • That they can achieve more than they originally thought possible • Success through developing and aspiring to team goals • Outdoor skills: map reading, navigation, wilderness survival, outdoor clothing, weather, risk management, camp-craft and more • The value to their wellbeing of spending time in nature and connecting with the land • Cultural connections including the value of community

  6. Anecdotal evidence from teachers indicates that when they return to school, students: • Are more confident • Are more likely take on responsibilities • Are more inclusive – they have seen and accepted their own and others strengths • Become more involved in the school community • Are better able to organise themselves • Have better relationships with their teachers

  7. Learning objectives are aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum. Our activities are our vehicles for achieving this learning

  8. What is Special about OPC? • Small groups • One lead instructor for the programme • Education focus • Community experience • No cell phones or television

  9. Keeping You Safe – An overview of OPC’s Safety Systems

  10. What we expect from you When you visit OPC we welcome you as a part of our community. We expect everyone in our community to make a positive contribution and to do their best to live within our values. We also ask you to: • Follow all safety instructions • Not act in any way which puts yourself or others in danger • Declare any medical, or other conditions that could affect your participation

  11. Cell phones and any other devices such as i-pods will be collected on arrival and safely locked away until the end of your course. • Smoking, drugs, alcohol and sexual relationships are all prohibited. If you are addicted to smoking and you have permission from your school, a parent or guardian special arrangements can be made. • School rules apply. There will be consequences to breaking any of the stated rules, or to behaving in a way which is not aligned with the OPC values or safety standards. This could include being excluded from an activity, or being asked to leave the course.

  12. What to bring to OPC Gear List in your Student Information booklet OPC can loan some items. This is included in the cost. Try to bring your own, or borrow as supplies are not unlimited. Especially footwear.

  13. Picture of the types of gear

  14. Medical Information • The OPC medical form must be completed in detail and signed by your parent / guardian for you to take part in the programme. • OPC has a policy of inclusion. Please help us to ensure you are included as well as possible by recording on the medical form any special needs or conditions that could affect your participation. • If you require regular medication you should bring spares for your instructor to carry.

  15. Giving Informed Consent • Under 18’s are required to have signed consent by a parent / guardian. • To ensure you are informed enough to give this consent: • Ask questions and look at the website • Watch clips of different activities if you are not sure what is involved