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  3. What is Evernote? A free software that can be used to archive, organize, search, and share: • E-mail messages • Web pages • PowerPoint presentations • Word and Excel documents • PDF files • Pictures • Evernote has the ability to recognize and search printed and handwritten text within snapshots and images. • Screen clips • Notes created on Evernote

  4. One Account, Many Devices Evernote can be used on: • Computer • Mobile phone • Web (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer) • Tablets • Other internet capable devices Evernote on the Web is constantly updating all of your computers and devices with the latest versions of your notes so you’ll always have the right information, wherever you are.

  5. How Information Is Organized Notes • Everything added to Evernote is saved as a note. • Every notes lives in a notebook. • You can have as many notes as you like. • The maximum size of a note is 25 megabytes. • Each note can contain • Text • Images • PDF files • Attached files such as PowerPoint presentations • The built-in note editor also allows for simple styling like different fonts, text sizes, bold/italic text, simple tables, ect. • All data can be dragged, copied, or typed into the body of the note.

  6. How Information Is Organized Notebooks • Notebooks are containers for notes. • New accounts start with 1 notebook. • Each Evernote account is limited to 250 notebooks.

  7. Getting Started

  8. 1. Download Evernote

  9. Download Evernote to the devices you will be using it on.

  10. 2. Create an Evernote Account

  11. Registration Registration is simple just fill in the blanks and click register. You don’t have to give up a lot of personal information.

  12. Account Homepage

  13. How to Create a New Note • Click on the File tab • Click on New Note or • Click on the New Note button located in the top center of the screen. or • Press the Ctrl and N buttons at the same time.

  14. New Note View

  15. Inserting an Image into a Note Drag the image from your desktop or the web into the body of the note.

  16. Inserting an Image into a Note • Copy the image • Right click and select Paste or Click the Edit tab and select Paste

  17. Insert a PowerPoint into a Note Add a PowerPoint or other file to a note by dragging the file and dropping it into a note.

  18. Insert a PowerPoint into a Note • Click the File Tab • Click Attach Files… • Select the PowerPoint or file you want to insert • Press Open

  19. Notebooks The list of notebooks is found at the left of the screen under Notebooks.

  20. How to Create a New Notebook • Right-click on the Notebooks heading above the notebook list and select New Notebook. or • Click the File tab • Select New Notebook

  21. How to Move Notes Between Notebooks • Dropdown the Notebook List at the upper right-hand corner of the note. • Select the notebook you want the note in.

  22. How to Move Notes Between Notebooks You can drag a note onto any notebook to move it to that notebook.

  23. Delete Notes/Notebooks To delete a note or notebook simply select it and then press the delete button at the top of the page.

  24. Tags • Evernote uses tags rather than sections or folders to classify notes. • Tags are keywords or labels that you manually assign with a note to quickly search and filter notes later using those tags. • Notes can have multiple tags. • Assign the same tags to notes on similar topics.

  25. How to Tag a Note • Click the File Tab • Select New Tag • A pop up box will appear. Simply type in a tag keyword.

  26. Search Tags You can search tags by clicking the Tags button at the top of the page and typing in the tag you want to search.

  27. Searching • You can also search through notes by typing in a keyword. • This is different from tagging as the search feature will search for a specific word or phrase as it appears in all notes.

  28. How to Perform a Search Type in a search word into the box. The word will be highlighted wherever it appears in each note.

  29. Sharing You can share individual notes and entire notebooks. • Send via e-mail • Post to Facebook • Post to Twitter • Copy Note URL to Clipboard

  30. How to Share At the top of the page click the Share dropdown menu and select the way in which you want to share the note or notebook.

  31. View Notes 3 Different Ways • By clicking on the View tab at the top of the page or select the dropdown menu to the left of the search box you can adjust the way you view your account and notes by selecting one of the three options. • List View • Snippet View • Thumbnail View

  32. List View List of Notes Note

  33. Snippet View List of Notes Includes a brief clip of text from each note. Note

  34. Thumbnail View List of Notes in the form of Thumbnails (small picture) Note

  35. Organizing Note List • Notes can be organized by • Title • Date created • Last updated • Source URL • Size • Author • Notebook • Tags • Source • Subject • Shared • To organize notes select the dropdown box above the notes list titled Notes by…