mcdonald s campaign for sochi olympics n.
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McDonald’s campaign for Sochi Olympics PowerPoint Presentation
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McDonald’s campaign for Sochi Olympics

McDonald’s campaign for Sochi Olympics

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McDonald’s campaign for Sochi Olympics

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  1. McDonald’s campaign for Sochi Olympics

  2. Social Media domain has become the epicenters for all campaigns and other promotional activities, enhancing the reach and brand value of products and services alike. Social Media Campaigns account for the most impactful and objectively measurable ways of promoting any commodity, services, events or organization

  3. An event, as popular and as dominant as the Olympic Games, also needs a proper marketing strategy that will help it in becoming a better experience than before. The 38 year long relationship between McDonald’s and Olympics has always been valuable for both the parties.  This time, McDonald's has launched a social media campaign for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

  4. The ‘Cheers To Sochi’ is an initiative started by McDonald’s. Supporters of the games can send their personalized good luck messages – or ‘cheers’ – directly to their favorite athletes and teams by using the Hashtag #CheersToSochi on Twitter, or by visiting That’s not all, these ‘cheers’ will then be shared at a special display in the Athletes’ Village in Sochi, where athletes can view and print the messages onto ribbons to wear around their wrists. Athletes may even tweet their appreciation back to lucky fans.

  5. TimoLumme, managing director of the IOC Television and Marketing Services said, “McDonald’s is a valued global Olympic partner, and we appreciate their incredible ability to reach millions of fans around the world with innovative, inspiring programmes like this.”

  6. There have been more than 1500 cheers already and more are set to come all throughout the game. Famous athletes from all over the world are getting impressive numbers of cheers. US hockey player Patrick Kane, Canadian hockey player Drew Doughty, US speed skater Shani Davis, Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan are the most common names in the cheers that have been registered as of now. Available in all official languages, the website allows you to cheer on a team or on an individual athlete easy by just the push of a button.

  7. Initiatives like this acts as one of the most significant ways of increasing the enthusiasm of players. Reading motivational messages from fans instill in each player the spirit to play even better and conquer the world.

  8. McDonald’s here, gets a chance to work in accordance with the Olympics team and maintain their long partnership as well as help the organisation in living their dream of bringing the world together. Removing all communication obstacles and noises, McDonald’s provides with the most easiest method of getting in touch with your favorite players. The campaigns proves to be one of its kind and brings the world together. Everyone who participates and cheers will have only one thing to say, "I’m lovin' it :)"

  9. Rajat Garg (CEO) +91 995 808 3052