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Top Most Premium Android Apps PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Most Premium Android Apps

Top Most Premium Android Apps

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Top Most Premium Android Apps

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  1. Top Apps to Secure iPhone Rainmeter 3.0 Themes

  2. The trend of iPhone is increasing Day by day. • People go crazy to buy an iPhone.

  3. With the increasing Demand, more security should also be added. • iPhone is the only Smartphone which has the best security features than any other phone.

  4. But it is not such that we should think about securing it. • It is always preferable to keep mobile safe from security threat. • There are many ways to secure your iPhone.

  5. . The best way is to use the Built-in security function available in the phone. • Other apps are also available that keeps data and stuff private.

  6. In the Rainmeter 3.0 Themesarticle I have listed the most famous apps that are relevant to secure your device. • These apps are must to be installed for your device.

  7. Lookout • Lookout is best security app that helps you to find your lost device and back up data. • It will also warn you about the security to on your iPhone

  8. . For example it will notify you the tips on securing your device and tell you which apps use your location and reveal it.

  9. Find My iPhone • This app helps you to find your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac if it is misplaced or lost. • The Find My iPhone app will allow you to use any other iOS device like iPad or Mac to find your lost device.

  10. All you have to do is install the app in your other device and sign in with your apple id that you use on your iPhone. • By signing in you can see the location in map, play a sound or lock your phone and you can even erase all the data in it.

  11. iBlacklist • iBlacklist is a premium app available on the app Store. • It provides you the power to reject the unwanted calls, SMS and MMS.

  12. It helps you to block the phone calls within your contact list and outside numbers also.

  13. Mobile Vault • If you are using your iPhone for business purpose, then there are many kinds of data you want to store privately like images, videos and text. • Mobile vault helps you keep your stuff private.

  14. It gives you password lock system. By entering the correct password only you can have an access to the stuffs.

  15. eWallet • It is usual today that every app and website use password. • It is not possible to remember different passwords each and every time.

  16. eWallet is an app for Blackberry, iPhone and Android users. • This app helps to improve password security as it uses longer and stronger password for every site.

  17. This app proves to be safer for creating different passwords for every site rather than creating same password.

  18. Splash Id • Splash Id store and lock sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers, etc. • with a surety of not losing it and keeping it private.

  19. With this app you can create number of categories of data you want to store and keep it safe. • This app uses powerful 256-bit encryption the password generated can never be hacked.