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  1. - Office Key Setup 2019/365 - MS Office makes your work easier and is an essential tool for every business. It is used in many different languages and operated in Windows or Mac systems. Microsoft Office has several apps and each is used in various works. This is the most famous utility software because of its functions, features, reliability, and simplistic user interface. Download and install Microsoft Office by going to its official website You can get any Office version such as Office 2019, Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, and Office 2010.

  2. - Steps for purchasing Microsoft Office online Purchase the Microsoft Office product online by visiting its site and click the download button there to start the downloading on your system. Here’s how: 1. Go to the website online. 2. Find the Office product online. 3. Choose the product from the given list. 4. Tap “Buy Now” option. 5. Enter the username and password of the Microsoft account. 6. If you are not a user of Microsoft Office, then make a new account. 7. Complete the payment method, and after that, you will receive a product key in the registered email address. 8. Click “Mailbox” option. 9. Enter that product key in the given section to get the latest version of the Office product.

  3. - Steps for purchasing Office Setup offline • Want to buy Office product offline? Go to the retail store and asking them to provide you with a product key. Here’s how: • 1. Go to the store to purchase the product key. • 2. You have to ask for the product code. • 3. Make the payment for that product key. • 4. Scratch the back part of the given card to know your activation product key. • 5. After completing the purchasing of the product, you can follow the steps of downloading, installing and activating the latest version of Microsoft Office product.

  4. -Steps to Download Office Setup • To make your work well organized, download the Microsoft Office setup on your system. You can do so by following the steps listed below: • 1. Go to your browser on the system. • 2. Click the link • 3. Sign in to the MS Office account by entering the username and password. • 4. After logging in the Microsoft account. • 5. Type the Norton product key to exchange. • 6. You can’t search the Office product key into the mailbox or in the product retail card. • 7. Tap on the Submit option, once you entered the product key. • 8. Open My Account page. • 9. Press the “Install” or “Install Now” option. • 10. Tap the “Run or Save File” button on the browser. • 11. Let the download process to complete. • 12. After that, open downloads folder to confirm that downloads have finished.

  5. - Steps to Install Office Setup: • After completing the download process of Microsoft Office product on your system, go through the installation process given below: • 1. You can’t move to the installation process if the download process of the product is not completed yet. • 2. Double-click on the downloaded product to start the Office setup. • 3. Press “Yes,” to allow the program to do changes in your system. • 4. Tap “Continue” button. • 5. Agree on the terms and conditions of installing Microsoft Office products. • 6. Go through the instructions to complete the installation process. • 7. Then, tap the “Close” option after installing the Office product.

  6. - Steps to Activate Office Setup: • Once the installation process gets completed then moves to the activation process by entering the product key which had purchase from online or offline. Here’s how: • 1. You have to go through the guidelines given on your screen. • 2. Begin the programs of Microsoft Office which are Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Publisher. • 3. Tap on the Microsoft PowerPoint symbol. • 4. Press the “Get Started” option on the screen. • 5. Tap the “Start Microsoft PowerPoint” button. • 6. Choose “I want to activate software over the Internet” option given on the activation page. • 7. Enter the 25 characters alphanumeric product key. • 8. Press “Continue” and wait till the process gets complete. • 9. Type email address and your protected password in the Microsoft login page. • 10. Click to close the page and then begin using that application.