the nation of islam n.
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The Nation of Islam. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Nation of Islam.

The Nation of Islam.

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The Nation of Islam.

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  1. The Nation of Islam. Amanda Royer, Andrew Weissmann, Lauren Wathen

  2. Background Information

  3. The Nation’s Beginnings • In 1930, W.D. Fard Muhammad, an African American man, founded Temple No. 1 in Detroit • Fard’s followers called him Allah, God or The Great Mahdi • This new religion taught that Christianity, the “white man’s” religion, was the teachings of the devil • Fard believed that a separate African- American homestead was needed in America • This “nation” was to be a “nation within a nation” • Fard disappeared in 1934 and Elijah Muhammad, a leader of another temple in Chicago, took the leadership position of the Nation of Islam

  4. Elijah Muhammad • Elijah Muhammad continued to spread the message Fard started • Elijah was called the Messenger of Allah and Holy Prophet • The Nation of Islam expanded to the North under the Elijah’s leadership • Under Elijah’s leadership, the Nation of Islam consisted of mostly poor, urban African Americans • Members of the society were required to live a moral life • Moral life- no smoking, no drinking, treating members of their family and neighborhoods with respect, holding a steady job and staying off government assistance

  5. Malcom X • Around the 1960s, Malcom X made a pilgrimage to Mecca and met Muslims from every race and background • Before Elijah was killed by a group of rivals of the Nation of Islam, Malcom X challenged the beliefs of Elijah • In 1975, Elijah Muhammad’s son, Wallace D. Muhammad agreed with Malcom X • The beliefs of the Nation of Islam were changed to reflect a more universal, orthodox Islam

  6. Wallace D. Muhammad • After becoming leader of the Nation of Islam, Wallace changed his name to Warith Din Muhammad • Warith brought the Nation of Islam into union with Sunni Islam • Warith made many other changes in the Nation of Islam • The 5 Pillars of Islam were enforced • Temples were renamed mosques • Non- African American people were allowed to worship • A group led by Louis Farrakhan did not agree with Warith’s apology • This group separated from the majority and started their own sect

  7. Louis Farrakhan • Louis purchased the main temple of the Nation of Islam • This temple gave Louis a power base to work from • Louis gained popularity quickly • Some people felt betrayed by Warith after he allowed many changes into the Nation of Islam • Louis believed that race problems in the United States were a problem faced by all American citizens

  8. Influential People In the Nation Warith Din Muhammad W. D. Fard Muhammad Elijah Muhammad Louis Farrakhan • Founded the Nation in 1903 • Believed that African American Muslims needed a special group in America • Disappeared in 1934 • Took over the Nation in 1934 after Fard • Was called the “Messenger of Allah” and “Holy Prophet” • Required members to live moral lives • Became leader and changed his name • Enforced the 5 pillars, called temples mosques, allowed non-African American to worship • Purchased the Main Temple of Islam • Allowed many changes into the Nation of Islam • Believed that the problems in America faced by one person were problems faced by all people • Follow him on Twitter @LouisFarrakhan

  9. Beliefs and Practices

  10. Basic Beliefs • The Nation of Islam believe in the oneness of God • They follow both the Qur'an and the Bible • There will be resurrection of the dead, but not in the physical sense, instead they will be resurrected in the mental sense • The Nation believes that African Americans are God’s Chosen People • They should not participate in wars • Allah appeared in W.D. Fard Muhammad

  11. Sacred Times • There are 2 Savior’s Day Celebrations • Savior’s Day (February 26)- held to celebrate the birth of their founder W.D. Fard Muhammad • This year was their 84th year celebrating this holiday • Savior’s Day (October 7)- started in 1985, this holiday celebrates Elijah Muhammad’s birthday; most people did not know W. Fard Muhammad and have been transformed by Elijah Muhammad

  12. Sacred Items • The Bible • The Bible has been tainted and misinterpreted, in order to gain truth the Bible must be reinterpreted • The Qu’ran • Prayer Rug • Lapel Pin • Small pin worn on a jacket to signify allegiance to the religion • Kufi (solid color only) • Muslim “skull cap”

  13. Sacred items

  14. Requirements For Admittance • There are 2 requirements for entry into the Nation of Islam • Must submit themselves to the beliefs of the Nation of Islam • Must submit a basic pledge card to the processing part of the National Center • Names of members must be written in the “Lamb’s Book of Life”

  15. Nation of Islam VS Islam

  16. In Comparison Nation of Islam Islam The Nation of Islam is not considered to be part of Islam Believe that Muhammad was the last prophet Religion open to all people Men are never on par with God • Believe that Elijah Muhammad is a true prophet • Wallace Fard Muhammad is Allah on Earth • Believe that African Americans are God’s Chosen People • Black supremacy • White domination is considered the devil • Blacks are on the same level as Allah

  17. In Comparison… Nation of Islam Islam Older religion founded in 622 God made ALL people Exists throughout the world on every continent; widespread • Newer religion founded in 1930 • Believe in the Myth of Yakub which states that white people were made not by God, but by a black scientist • Exists primarily in North America

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