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the anglo saxon war n.
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  1. THEANGLO-SAXONWAR Realisedby: Tiziano Guglielmi, Luigi Campolieti & Nicola D’Ambra


  3. The Anglo-Saxon used to fight against other people in small armies made by a few hundred warriors. • The fighters weren't knights, but they usually went to battle on foot. • They wore protections on their bodies like helmets to protect their heads or iron armors to protect their bodies. • The warriors usually brought to war different types of weapons made of iron or sometimes of precious metals, like gold or silver, which got the opponent armies frightened.

  4. THE WEAPONS We can distinguish two different kinds of arms: • ATTACK: They usually attacked the opponents with axes, spears and swords. They were very able to made sharp blades and to insert them in their swords and axes. They used the axes to attack the enemies. The swords were the most precious weapons. • DEFENSE: They used to defend themselves and the other soldiers with shields. Some shields were so precious and had some gold decorations.

  5. A swordbelongedto a rich family An axe-hammerused in the battles

  6. Some pieces of the Anglo-Saxon armor: an iron armor, an helmet and a spear The mostuseddefensearm: a woodshield

  7. THE SOLDIERS • There weren't soldiers who fought for profession: they were farmers and they had to take care of their animals or of their crops. • The king could order some officials called "ealdormen" to reap in some men to join the army. All the freemen could join the army. • There were some different types of warriors: there were some bodyguards who could die to protect the king and the others who had only the duty of combat.

  8. THE INVASION OF ENGLAND • In 410 AD the tribes of the Angles, the Saxons and Jutes came in the island of Britain from northern regions of Scandinavia or Germanyand invaded Britain. A video fromYouTubeabout the Anglo-Saxon art and war

  9. THE BATTLE AGAINST THE VIKINGS • In the 700s AD some Viking tribes invaded Britain. They came into the island with their longships and started conquering it. In the 800s the Vikings roamed the Britain and they killed the king Edmund of East Anglia in 869. The king Alfred "the Great" of Wessex fought the Vikings and after that, he made peace with them, who went on into the 1000s.

  10. Reconstructionof a scene ofbattleagainst the Vikings A Vikinglongship

  11. THE PRIMORDIAL LITERATURE • The epicpoem “The BattleofMaldon”, written in 991, describes the battleagainst the Vikings • Another epic poem is "Beowulf", that describes the exploits of a brave warrior who fought a big monster called Grendel. The BattleofMaldon Beowulf(film of R. Zemeckis – 2007)

  12. A video fromYouTubeaboutBeowulf

  13. The End Paragraphs: T. Guglielmi – L. Campolieti Imageresearch: T. Guglielmi – L. Campolieti – N. D’Ambra Video research: T. Guglielmi – L. Campolieti Video download and integration: T.Guglielmi Graphics: T.Guglielmi