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Sol Living - Yoga Mats, Yoga Products Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Sol Living - Yoga Mats, Yoga Products Online

Sol Living - Yoga Mats, Yoga Products Online

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Sol Living - Yoga Mats, Yoga Products Online

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  1. Yoga Mats, Yoga Products Online

  2. About Sol Living Sol Living offers a variety of yoga products online. Our wide variety of yoga mats, yoga straps, and yoga props will become your favorite yoga products.

  3. Sol Living – Yoga Mat, Yoga Mat Online Sol Living is your one-stop destination for earth-loving and premium quality yoga accessories. Looking for a yoga matthat will be your faithful companion during your intense practice? We have the choicest range for you made out of latex-free PVC, natural rubber, organic cotton in a wide variety of soothing designs. Your yogamatonlinepurchase experience with us is sure to be a fruitful one. Our mats are carefully designed with anti-slip, good grip and odour-free qualities.

  4. Exercise Mat, Best yoga mats Put an end to your search for the best yoga matsat Sol Living. Focusing more on the comfort while yoga practises and the eco-friendliness factor, our products stand true on both the parameters. We understand an exercise matneeds to give you utmost comfort and support while you work on your body. Our mats are made out of natural materials, so these provide you with mother earth’s love and do not hamper the environment.

  5. Yoga Bags, Yoga Accessories Your hunt for a sturdy and durable yoga accessories bagends at Sol Living. Made out of organic cotton our yoga bagsare ideal for carrying your yoga mats. The size and body design of our bags are made to fit the standard size yoga mats. These are lightweight and easy to carry around and have magnetic closures that make sure your yoga mat is safe inside.

  6. Yoga Products, Yoga Accessories Sol Living offers you yoga accessories that are functional, reliable and nature-friendly. We understand the needs of yoga practitioners and our yoga productsreflect the same. Whether you have just begun your yoga journey or are a frequent practitioner, our products are the right fit for you. Looking for a Yoga strap for your stretches or a durable yoga mat carrier, we have them all.

  7. Yoga Equipments, Yoga Accessories Store Looking to find a trustworthy yoga accessories storeonline? We at Sol Living can be your companion. We specialize in providing our patrons with environment-friendly and high-quality yoga equipments. Trust us to help you find all that you need for your yoga practise. We aim to make yoga an enriching and comforting experience which is possible only if you use the right accessories during your practice.

  8. Travel Yoga Mat, Eco Yoga Mat Sol Living has an array of eco yoga matdesigned to suit your body’s needs during your yoga practice. With natural options ranging from rubber, cotton and latex-free PVC, we make sure there is a mat for every yoga practitioner. These mats are sturdy and robust so they can accompany you as travel yoga mats as well. Carry them around during your work or leisure trips or to your yoga class, and you will be amazed by their quality and comfort.

  9. Yoga Props, Yoga Accessories Kit Make Sol Living your destination to shop for yoga propsonline. Our range of products care for nature and humans equally; this makes them unique. Whether you are looking to buy a yoga accessories kit or just a yoga mat, we have them stocked up for you. With a variety of colours, product materials and designs, we assure you will find only high quality and durable products. Try our products and feel the difference for yourself.

  10. Yoga Blosters, Meditation Products Yoga and meditation are the most essential to maintain a balance and peace in the modern world. Many special yogi posturers need yoga blostersas a support to ensure smooth movement of your pose. These are made with natural materials and skin-friendly. They have innate strength to withstand and absorb pressure so that you can let go easily. Our various meditation productslike zafu cushions, mats, etc also designed in a way to support your practices by providing a comforting and safe environment.

  11. Hammock, Hammock Stand Aerial yoga is one of the most effective and freeing yoga that is catching up widely in the USA. Our yoga hammock standis designed perfectly to give you the freedom to swing and perform gracious yoga poses that align your body, mind and soul effectively. A hammock standat comes in metal or wood; both are equally sturdy, can withstand strong weather conditions and made from high quality of raw material. So, give your yoga practice a swing with the hammock stand.

  12. Our Products • Yoga Mats • Yoga Accessories • Foam Blocks • Yoga Bags • Camping Hammocks • Patio Hammocks • Hammocks Stands • Zafu Cushion • Yoga Bolsters

  13. Contact Us • Company Name : Sol Living • Contact Person : Suresh Kanthaswamy • Address : 137 Campus Drive, Edison, New Jersey, USA 08837 • Contact Number : +1 732 387 3569 • Contact Email : • Website :