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How to Recognize the Failed Throttle Body Temp Sensor in Car

A throttle body temperature sensor is a pivotal stuff of the caru2019s fuel injection system. Apart from measuring the temperature of the (Air/Fuel) mixture, it tells how the engine will react in the time to come. In other words, it monitors the temperature of the throttle body. Recognizing the symptoms of a defective throttle body temperature sensor will help you to take the necessary measures that can make the ride trouble-free. When it needs replacement, replace it by appointing a certified car-geek.

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How to Recognize the Failed Throttle Body Temp Sensor in Car

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  2. Throttle body temp sensor is a component of a car's fuel injection system.

  3. Measures the temperature of air/fuel mixture on your car’s engine.

  4. Sensor can monitor the throttle body temperature of the car.

  5. Temperature sensor may wear out over time and need replacement.

  6. Below points help you to recognize the failed throttle body temp sensor.

  7. ENGINE STALLING WHILE IDLING Failed throttle body temp sensor may contribute to stalling while idling.

  8. Due to the wrong air/fuel mixture, the engine may fail when the car idles.

  9. Stalling can be intermittent and become more common in the car.

  10. DEPRESSED ENGINE PERFORMANCE If the sensor relay incorrect information to ECM, it may result in a faulty sensor.

  11. Sluggish engine performance provides more fuel to the throttle body.

  12. You may notice such engine performance issues when accelerating.

  13. ENGINE STARTING ISSUES Engine starting issues caused due to a failed throttle body temp sensor.

  14. Improper air/fuel mixture incited by the broken temperature sensor.

  15. In this case, the engine may be too hot and cause starting issues in the car.

  16. FAILED ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Failed electrical connections cause incorrect readings of temperature.

  17. Electrical problems may result in intermittent and unpredictable reactions.

  18. Electrical connections in the car are tested by using an ohmmeter.

  19. CONCLUSION When any of the above symptoms occur, check engine light comes on.

  20. Consult with a mechanic to fix the failed throttle body temp sensor in the car.

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