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BUSINESS DIRECTORY Sales training. How to Sell and Maximize your Gold and Platinum Listings. Jacob S Paulsen Regional Marketing Director 801-477-0078 Jacob.Paulsen@matchbin.com. Why Internet?. Full 360 Product Offering for Clients Current Trends Advertisers budget for internet

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  1. BUSINESS DIRECTORYSales training How to Sell and Maximize your Gold and Platinum Listings Jacob S Paulsen Regional Marketing Director 801-477-0078 Jacob.Paulsen@matchbin.com

  2. Why Internet? • Full 360 Product Offering for Clients • Current Trends • Advertisers budget for internet • Online Search has replaced print ads (yellowbook, etc)

  3. REMEMBER 1 - 2 - 3 • Local Exposure via the Directory • New Micro-Website • Search Engine Optimization Lets look closer…

  4. Local Exposure Via the Directory • What does the Business Directory look like and how is it organized? • Main Page • Categories / Search Results • Listing/Claiming a Business

  5. New Micro-Website • Silver • Gold • Platinum • Eplatinum • Ease of Use!

  6. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.”

  7. How do you search? • Google • Yahoo • MSN • Directories • yellowpages.com • Local (i.e. searchstatesboro.com)

  8. Organic vs. Paid Results

  9. Golden Triangle

  10. 4 Key Factors Exist in SEO Companies spend billions to understand and manipulate the search results in order to be in the top of the rankings. In short here are the 4 biggest things that matter…

  11. Key Words • Title Tags • Description Tags • Keyword Tags


  13. FUNCTIONAL DOMAIN NAMES • Jimmiller.com = not functional • insurancelosangeles.com = functional • tjspizza.com = not functional • restaurantlosangeles.com = functional

  14. TRAFFIC Helps Increase “SEO” • The more traffic you have to your own site, and credible sites linked to yours, the more your “SEO” will increase! • 1,000 page views or 1,000,000 page views • Which would you prefer? • This goes for Gold and Platinum listings as well, not just major websites!

  15. What do we do next? 1. Sell on “SEO” • Your directory doesn’t have to have all the credibility to make sales! • If a biz already has a website, a Gold/Platinum will increase their existing sites’ SEO. If they have no website, it will give them SEO. • Average of 30-60 days to see a dramatic increase in “SEO”

  16. Busca Results: • Abogadodenver co • Llantasdenver co • Rinesdenver co • Hipotecasdenver co • Supermercadodenver co • bancarrotasdenver co • Mariscosdenver co

  17. Call Tracking • Enables customers to utilize a 1-800 toll free number on their site to gain additional metrics. • Who is calling? • Where do they call from? • How long do they stay on the phone? • Are their calls being answered?

  18. PREPARATION • Qualified Decision Makers • Check Their Rankings: Google Searches • Do They have a site? • What keywords do they appear for? • What keywords don’t they appear for? • Visit PcNames.com to check a few domains that might interest them. • Bring Proposal Docs and Sales Contracts

  19. Sales Invoice/Contract

  20. Flow Of Paperwork ISM Web Content Publisher Accounts Receivable

  21. 3 for 1 Sales Script • Massive Exposure to a Local Audience • A New User Friendly Website • Search Engine Optimization for their New and Existing Website

  22. PRICING • SILVER $30.00 /month • GOLD $99 Setup $99.00 /month • PLATINUM $99 Setup $199.00 /month • Waive Setup Fee with 12 Month Term • 2 Months Free w/ Annual

  23. Can I Make Money With This? • 4 Platinums = 1 Platinum Per Week • 4 Platinums = 159 first month • Total Income for first year = • Total Income for second year = $12,417 $35,342

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