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  1. Myths Presentation By Liam and Sheena

  2. In Greek mythology Ares was the God of War, Destruction, and Chaos • His parents were Zeus and Hera • Ares was one of the less popular Gods in Greek mythology due to his nature and personality, no city wanted to adopt him as their patron God. • He was not well liked amongst the Olympians either, and was constantly in conflict with his sisters Artemis and Athena Ares God of War

  3. There are to many kids and to many different mothers to name them all, but his most popular mistress was Aphrodite. His kids with her are: • Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, Adrestia, Eros, Anteros, Himeros, Pothos Children of Ares

  4. In art and literature Ares appeared in two different forms, as a nude youth, or as a fully grown male with a beard and battle armour and arms. These are his preferred forms he may take any form he wants. Appearance

  5. Hera, Queen of the Gods, arranged a marriage between her son Hephaestus and the Goddess of love Aphrodite, but it wasn’t a happy marriage. Hephaestus was ugly and dirty, and she could not commit herself to one person. It was not long after the marriage that the Goddess began to secretly see her lover Ares, and one day the two lovers stayed together to long and were spotted by Helius while preparing his chariot to carry the sun. Helius reported what he had seen to Hephaestus, who prepared a trap. He crafted an indestructible golden net, and placed it above his marital bed and then he left. Aphrodite summoned Ares, and as they layed together, the trap was sprung. Hephaestus brought all the Gods to his palace to see the trapped and naked adulterers. Zeus scolded him for making a private matter into a public spectacle. The marriage was nullified and the gods again competed for the attention of the Goddes of love. Ares and Aphrodite

  6. Odysseus was son of Laertes and Anticlea and ruler of the Island kingdom Ithica • He was one of the more prominent characters in the Trojan war, • He was known for being clever and cunning as well as being a good public speaker • He had a wife named Penelope, and a son named Telemachus • Featured in a few Greek myths prior to the Trojan war. Odysseus

  7. The most well know story of Odysseus in his conquest of Troy in the Trojan war. He had his soldiers build a massive horse as a tribute to Athena, and had the inside hollowed out. He then had a small group of men climb inside and the rest of the army sounded retreat and sailed away. The Trojans thought it was a surrender gift, and brought it into the city. They celebrated and drank and at night they all went home. The men and Odysseus emerged from the horse and opened the gates for the army which had sailed back to take the city. The rest of the army stormed in and took the city and returned Helen back to Menelaus. Trojan War

  8. Zeus was angered with Prometheus for giving fire to the mortals, so he ordered Hephaestus to create a woman out of clay, and the gods bestowed many gift upon her, Aphrodite gave her beauty and Athena gave her cunning. Zeus named her Pandora and sent her down onto earth to the foolish younger brother of Prometheus, Epimetheus as a bride. Zeus sent her with a box as a weeding gift, telling her not under any circumstances to open the box. Zeus knew that she would, because one of the gifts the Gods gave her was curiosity. Pandora could not bear her curiosity any longer and opened the box to see what was inside. All the evil things that plague the earth flew out, famine, disease, anger, violence. Pandora closed the box as fast as she could to try and keep the spirits inside but it was to late. Only one spirit remained, the spirit of hope, so that mortals would not drown in their despair. This is the origins of all things bad upon the earth. Pandora's Box