steps to configure an hp all in one printer n.
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Hp printer support phone number PowerPoint Presentation
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Hp printer support phone number

Hp printer support phone number

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Hp printer support phone number

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  1. Steps to Configure an HP All-in-One Printer Configuring an HP all-in-one printer is quite simple. The instructions came with the printer, and a bit of technical knowledge can easily guide you via the procedure. However, there are some tips, which is described by the techies at HP printer customer support phone number, will make the process run effortlessly. Follow these steps to set up your HP multifunction printer:

  2. Uncover your HP printer from its packaging. Also the Styrofoam and plastic protective materials, it will have some cardboard and tape to safeguard fragile, portable parts. Put these segments aside as you get rid of them, in case you require them later. • Connect the AC adapter and electrical cord to your printer. The power cable must be attached to a surge protector to let for the safe process. At such time, you can also avail customer support for HP printer to make a proper connection.

  3. Load the printer paper and ink cartridges after switching the power on. Continue with the process described in the user manual. Check the paper and ink are loaded correctly before switching the power off. • Install the provided software and printer drivers. The multifunction printer must have come with a drivers and software disk. Before you connect your new printer to the PC, check the correct software is installed completely.

  4. Turn on your printer and connect the USB cable to the port on your PC. As you installed the correct drivers, the system will look for and find them as your new all-in-one printer hardware is recognized. • Note: - If any problem is experienced by you when installing the drivers, then you can call on the HP customer service number and seek the help.

  5. You can now print a test page to ensure the configuration between your HP multifunction printer and your PC is complete. Never make a connection between your all-in-one and computer before installing the driver software. However, if you face any problems during the all-in-one setup process, dial the HP support number and get your printer-related issues repaired in no time.