how to fix certain issues of hp deskjet 5650 n.
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Hp printer technical support PowerPoint Presentation
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Hp printer technical support

Hp printer technical support

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Hp printer technical support

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  1. How to Fix Certain Issues of HP DeskJet 5650 Printer Whether you’re using the HP Deskjet 5650 printer for home or office, you may often experience problems when printing your documents. It is prone to have various problems that might be resolved by getting the help of technicians available on the HP printer technical support number. You can also follow this troubleshooting guide to fix all issues associated with your printer. Solution 1 - Prevent Paper Jams 1. Grab out all the papers from our HP printer's tray and fan it cautiously. Get rid of any wrinkled or torn sheets, and pages that are spiking together. The printer is too sensitive to humidity in the paper, and that’s why it can cause your printer to fetch more than one sheet at a time. 2. Passage the paper guide all the way to the left, and then fill the tray about half filled. Move the guide over till it is sheltered against the paper. 3. Carefully inspect the paper as it feeds into your printer. Change the paper direction if it feeds in slanted, or if your printer starts grabbing more than a single paper at a time. 4. Remove the paper jam if it occurs. Power off your printer and unplug the power cord. Access the back door by pressing the two latch holders on the door to each other

  2. wrench the door to you. Remove the jammed paper carefully from the inside of rollers. Close the door, re-plug the power cord and then power your printer on. Solution 2 - Improve Print Quality 1.Raise the top cover of your printer and take out the ink cartridges. Place the cartridges in a cloth or paper towel to safeguard the work surface or desk from ink stains. 2.Overturn the print cartridge, so the metal surface is facing towards you. Dip a cotton cloth in warm water and clean the cartridge’s metal surface carefully until the dust and ink rest is removed. 3.Wipe the ink cartridge with isopropyl alcohol rather than water if the backlog of ink excess is massive. Put the ink cartridges back in your HP printer and close its access door. However, if you’re still facing paper jams or getting the poor print quality even after going through this troubleshooting guide, you can contact the HP customer service experts and talk to them regarding your issues and get repaired all printer-related issues. It is suggested to eliminate paper jams from the back of your printer every time possible to prevent any damage to the printer.