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Now Catering in Baltimore

Now Catering in Baltimore Our Complimentary Catering Guide is a great place to start planning your event. Whether its morning breakfast, business lunch, or a private event for further information please visit <br>http://700southdeli.com/catering-guide/ <br>

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Now Catering in Baltimore

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  2. Catering in Baltimore http://700southdeli.com/catering-guide/

  3. About Us "Considered one of the best caterers in Baltimore, and surrounding areas, in the corporate catering field.  700 South Deli knows the in's and out's of the corporate catering field better than anybody." We are an independent family owned business, headed by two brothers who have been in the restaurant business for 40+ years, and their sons. The majority of our employees have been with us five plus years, and some have even been with us 10-15 years.

  4. Complimentary Catering Guide on the House We know how overwhelming it can be to order food for a catering event.  And since our job, besides providing great food, is to make your job easier, we came up with our complimentary catering guide. Now, what time should I have the food arrive? Do I have enough paper products? How many people are going to eat the chicken over the beef? Is this the group who are the big coffee drinkers? It is cold out this morning, so maybe more people will want coffee. Is it time to go home yet!?! You get the picture... Keep reading our catering guide to see if we can help you out with any of these questions. You can always give us a call as well if you can't find your answers.

  5. Corporate Catering in Baltimore and Surrounding Areas Corporate Catering for All of Your Office Needs The corporate work world, be it in an office, factory or retail store, is something we all have to do in order to put food on the table and support our families. And most companies, regardless of their size, have meetings, which is why corporate catering plays such a vital role. Corporate Catering Builds Office Culture When lunch comes around, it's not uncommon for people to retreat to their favorite sandwich shops and duck out of the office for a while. What this means is that co-workers don't get to know each other or bond outside of the restrictions of deadlines and benchmarks.

  6. Breakfast Catering We always try to keep the busy professional in mind. Especially the management professional, and their administrative assistant, who has an important morning meeting to launch and wants breakfast catering for the troops in the hopes of inspiring camaraderie and holding everyone’s maximum attention level. Benefits of Eating Breakfast .Provides balance in your food intake .Increases blood sugar for improved concentration .Decreases fatigue .Improves memory and performance .Is linked to weight control and lower cholesterol levels

  7. Contact Us http://700southdeli.com/catering-guide/


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