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Southwest Airlines Reservations Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Southwest Airlines Reservations Online

Southwest Airlines Reservations Online

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Southwest Airlines Reservations Online

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  1. Things to Keep in Mind While Traveling with Kids at Southwest Airlines Planning for long-distance vacation and traveling by air with kids is enjoyable, but with dependents, we need to be careful and diligent throughout the trip. Some of the best airlines, such as southwest airlines offer the most dedicated services and amenities for couples traveling with kids on long-distance flights so as to make the entire journey easy and pleasant for the family.

  2. General rules the airlines lay for people traveling with kids: The first and foremost requirement while air traveling with kids is to present the age confirmation. And most of the airlines allow only one portable diaper pack for each tyke, this is perhaps a major concern for parents travelling with children. For those who have not picked up the majority of the seats of the airlines will ensure that the kids under the age of 15 years sit beside one adult. An adult who is over 16 years of age or more can hold the newborn child in their lap. But the global duties will apply for the seat. If the baby goes in its own seat, then it is required to purchase a ticket for the child. The baby should either go into the wellbeing seat that is endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration or choose the option to sit upstanding in their seat without help and have their safety belt attached. The well-being seats by the airlines that are affirmed for use in the airplane should have a strong back and have restriction ties that are introduced to hold the kid safely. The seat should have an endorsement stating that this restriction framework complies with the federal motor vehicle safety standards. These are some of the basic rules that applies to all parents traveling with small children, it is good to take assistance from the airline carrier with relevance to these rules.

  3. How Southwest airlines assists travelers with small children: While booking the airline flights, southwest airlines passengers travelling with infants have to ensure that they avail the following facilities from the airlines. Personal assistance: Airport support and assistance is available from the check-in counter to the boarding gate or to the lounge for passengers who are traveling with one or more children under the age of three years. It is important that parents apply for this service over phone or online with regards to this issue.

  4. Strollers: Baby strollers are available for passengers who are travelling with infants. For those wishing to use the stroller, it is required to inform the airline services at the time of check-in. The passengers can benefit from a borrowed baby stroller from the counter until the boarding gate. But in the majority of the airlines, only a limited number of strollers are available and it is not possible to reserve them in advance. Parents are allowed to bring their own strollers only when they fall within the stipulated size regulations. Bassinets: Bassinets are provided on all the international aircraft for children not occupying the seat. The size of the basinet is about 85 x45x33 cm and the maximum weight capacity is 10 kg. parents are allowed to use portable bed products for kids when they are at the window seat or the center seat in the section between the aisles. These are not to be used during landing and taking off and should be stored at the overhead compartments.

  5. Baby Meals:Special baby meals should be requested at least 24 hours prior to departure. Parents should also request for allergen-free meals for kids in advance. Powdered milk will be available for kids on board. But it is prescribed that parents bring their own product as there are limits on types and quantities of baby food. The cabin crew will be delighted to prepare the formula for the mother and parents should take advantage of this service. Diapers: Paper diapers are also available for kids on board in medium and large sizes. But it is recommended that parents have an adequate supply of their own brand while on board. The cabin crew will assist the parents traveling with kids in all aspects right from boarding the plane till landing. Parents should feel free to ask the cabin crew at southwest airlines while making southwest reservations to avail these services.

  6. Safety standards:Toys and other equipment that are designed specifically for airplanes are available on board. Parents should take care that children do not trap their fingers in the armrests or tray tables. The cabin crew at southwest airlines will be delighted to assist the clients at all times. Pre-booking airline seats:The southwest airlines can pre-assign the seats for parents with kids either online or through telephone. For safety reasons, the seat on the rows of emergency exists are not permitted for kids. Passengers travelling with infants need not be seated in the same row as other passengers travelling with infants owing to the viability of the oxygen masks. If more than one passenger is traveling with an infant, it is good to select seats in different rows and across the aisle. Final thoughts: Southwest airlines are one of the largest carriers in the US in terms of domestic passengers boarding the flight. The airlines have the largest fleet of Boeing aircraft in the world with satellite-based Wi-Fi and gate to gate connectivity. They are also the largest airlines in terms of safety and security and higher comfort amenities when traveling with small children on board.

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