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  1. DISCLOSURE INFORMATION A Declaration of Interest is defined as: “A conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust".  The declaration of interest included in your slide presentation(s) must specify all financial interests you have in relation to the following organisations and cover the last 5 years: Pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotechnology, medical technology and research companies, private healthcare providers and commercial medical education providers You should provide details about any financial interests you may have in the above-mentioned organisations, including, but not limited to, employment, honoraria for speaker engagements and advisory roles, funding and ownership of any stocks and shares

  2. DISCLOSURE SLIDE i. EITHER please state your disclosures including, but not limited to, - Personal financial interests, incl. honoraria you have received for any speaker, consultancy or advisory role, leadership roles, stock ownership, licensing fees or royalties, direct research funding - Institutional financial interests, incl. financial support which has been paid directly to your institution - Non-financial interests, incl. non remunerated activities - Other, incl. other declarations of any relationship, role or activity not captured above, that you feel may have in some way influenced your work or your professional behaviour ii. OR state that you have no disclosures to declare

  3. Disclosure information Enter your name here please Personal financial interests: Institutional financial interests: Non-financial interests: Other: Or “No disclosures to be declared.”