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Carry Your Dream to the Destination

Carry Your Dream to the Destination. “Product files – Services in Free Trade Zone”. FFTZ (Futian Free Trade Zone) —— The logistics center: your best option. About FFTZ.  More Preferential Policies  Goods from/into FFTZ are free of the customs clearance formalities

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Carry Your Dream to the Destination

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  1. Carry Your Dream to the Destination “Product files – Services in Free Trade Zone”

  2. FFTZ (Futian Free Trade Zone) —— The logistics center: your best option About FFTZ  More Preferential Policies  Goods from/into FFTZ are free of the customs clearance formalities  Only EDI required, goods can be transferred duty-free in FFTZ  No time limit of bonded warehousing The special area in Shenzhen SEZ offers you more convenience • More Simple Customs Formalities  Cargoes into FFTZ are deemed as export, in reverse as import  Good in FFTZ can be directly declared with Single Customs Declaration Forms with very simple procedures  Time saving: goods can be directly forwarded to Hong Kong, ports in Yantian and Shekou

  3. Why Choose us Hercules Logistics: ——your ideal logistics partner serving best • A trucking fleet inside FFTZ meets your transportation needs anytime • State-of-the-art warehouse provides safe and economical storage • Professional operational team offers systematic and quality services Hercules See What We Are Able to Offer ?

  4. Customized Services • Warehousing:  Transfer to different factories through the Free Trade Zone  Int’l transhipment and consolidation  Simple processing and re-processing  Export consolidation  Warehousing & distribution  Full information warehousing services • Trans-province customs clearance, and filing in different locations • Sea freight and trailer services • Customs bonded transportation • Integrated logistics services

  5. Warehousing Services Transfer to different factories through FFTZ Characteristics and advantages No need to export to Hong Kong and re-import into China Great savings of time and costs As export to clear customs with export bills Factory A from mainland China for processing with imported materials Hercules Bonded Warehouse As import to clear customs with import bills Factory B from mainland China

  6. Warehousing Services International transhipment and consolidation:  Low prices and great convenience  Lower price compared to HK in aspects of labor and rent  Convenient means of customs clearance  Low unloading fare for goods import via FFTZ  Same term for customs clearance as in Hong Kong Hercules Bonded Warehouse Import Overseas Goods Domestic Market Export Domestic Goods Overseas Market

  7. EDI FFTZ HK Foreign Destination Transit Customs EDI Yantian & Shekou Port Assembled Suit Cargoes PRC Factory A FFTZ Overseas Consignee HK Bulk Cargo PRC Factory B Bulk Cargo Warehousing Services Simple processing and reprocessing:  Returned goods processing Goods rejected are need to reprocessing due to quality reasons  Export processing Goods delivered to FFTZ for sorting, labeling, repacking into specific boxes

  8. Domestic Supplier A Directly through the special channel Instead of transit through Huanggang FFTZ HK Domestic Supplier B Duty Free HK Transit Customs Domestic Supplier N… Overseas Buyers Export Warehousing Services Container consolidation: Characteristics and advantages  More Economical freightage, customs charges and costs  Greater flexibility: bonded vehicles of the mainland customs and the China-HK cross border may be dispatched at any time

  9. Directly through the special channel instead of transit through Huanggang Overseas Suppliers Airport/Container Terminal in HK FFTZ Duty Free Port in Shekou and Yantian Transit Customs Import Consignee in China EDI Consignee in HK EDI Consignee Overseas Warehousing Services Warehousing and distribution: Characteristics and advantages  Low rents of warehouse and the handling costs  Full logistics infrastructures: trailers, forklifts, warehouses, the customs-bonded vehicles  FFTZ supplies convenient transport accessibility and swift EDI customs clearance

  10. Warehousing Services Full information warehousing services: Efficient control of the shipping time:  Standard and efficient storage management offers sound assurance for cargoes delivery and pick-up Accurate and timely information services:  Standardized cargo tracking services to update customers cargo status, including warehousing inventory and occupation of warehouse area Cost saving of warehouse rent: Selection of the most optimized warehouses via intelligent management of cargo inventory and flow procedure

  11. Cross Province Trans-province customs clearance, and filing in different Locations  Provide the trans-provincial formalities of customs clearance and delivery services  Feature more economical transportation cost and smooth customs clearance

  12. Transportation services Sea freight and trailer services: Good partnership with several well known int’l shippers Import and export intermodal CY – CY CY – DOOR DOOR – DOOR DOOR – CY CFS – CFS Own more than 160 trailers, serving around the clock Global network, powerful capabilities

  13. Transportation services Customs bonded transportation: Mainland China FFTZ Hong Kong Hercules at your service always: Own Hercules Transportation, a wholly owned subsidiary company, having a strong fleet of about 300 trucks/trailers, which are customs bonded delegating at Yantian, Shekou and FFTZ, serving across China in accordance to the defined requirements of customers

  14. Foreign Factory Import & Export EDI FFTZ HK Airport/Dock Import & Export Transit Customs Yantian/Shekou Port Import & Export Transit Customs Shenzhen Airport Domestic Factory Integrated Services Value-added services: Customs clearance, commercial inspection, regulation consultancy, full use of ports in Hong Kong, Yantian and Shekou

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