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Basic Styles in Interior Design You Should Try PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic Styles in Interior Design You Should Try

Basic Styles in Interior Design You Should Try

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Basic Styles in Interior Design You Should Try

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  1. Basic Styles in Interior Design You Should Try

  2. Most people want to improve the look of their house by putting high-quality furniture or changing the interior design of their home. Without high-quality furniture, a beautiful house is still considered as nothing or empty. Joshua Steinberg is one of the world leading interior designers of today. It marks the industry of its exceptional product. Joshua Steinberg design is perfectly fit to every house because it can be enhance the beauty of the house and can blend with the different interior design you chose.

  3. 1. Modern Minimalist Style This style is a form of severe accuracy; nothing is too much, without heavy background. The only highlight is the simplicity; the colors may be dull or bright, in any case, flamboyant colors. Each portion is formed in different shapes. Minimalist modern style by its name, exemplify the simplified forms. 2. Classic style The Classical design does not include any modern elements of any trending design. Instead, it is focused on its tradition. It is a refined style, rich in details, which are found in the structure of furniture, lighting, and sets and prints. The classic interior design is inspired by our Mother Nature.

  4. 3. Rustic Style Rustic style describes a range of styles with an emphasis on natural architectural elements, unrefined elements. The color scheme is very simple with large windows bringing the outdoors in. The styles are crude, rough details, the structure elements of furniture can be in tree trunks, branches, logs, and jute. 4. Classic reinterpreted Style It is a refined style, elegant wherein classic forms details are found in the modern approach. The appearances preserve the structure of old forms and parts of it are updated, or some elements of the furniture style merged with the modern elements, creating the blending between old and new. The finishing parts are in a new approach.

  5. 5. Retro Style This is style is the style of the 50's, the 60's and 70’s. That time it is predictable design pieces to come. The structure has a playful approach, the form, the color, and the prints that found in each piece. New approaches to design forms but it still remain old design lines. 6. Maverick Style It is a part of modern style; its approach is very inventive, so unusual and unconventional. The structures obtained by joining pieces, and the volumes twisting colors are randomly chosen even for the same room, apparently nothing happen.

  6. 7. Contemporary Style This style is contemporary-modern style but keeps the line through chosen finishes and the color range used. The style does not seem very new, cool and modern, and also, the colors are balanced 8. High-tech Style This style is originally modern style, the emphasis being on the furniture structure that every detail of the combination are not random and it is part of that structure. Rough metal finishes, screw wheel apparent booms, rivet are the specific to this style. The colors are usually white, dull-gray and small black scale.

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