welcome spring with these fresh scents from n.
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Welcome Spring with These Fresh Scents From Spongellé PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Spring with These Fresh Scents From Spongellé

Welcome Spring with These Fresh Scents From Spongellé

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Welcome Spring with These Fresh Scents From Spongellé

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  1. Welcome Spring with These Fresh Scents From Spongellé

  2. Welcome Spring with These Fresh Scents From Spongellé Spring is right around the corner! It seems like it never comes soon enough. As you’re spring cleaning your coat closet and making room for all of your favorite patio-chilling outfits, why not give your bath care routine a spring lift? Spongellé is well known for their selection of innovative bath products. From their Spongology Body Buffer to their body soufflés and hand creams, they know how to elevate the bathing experience. The fragrances Spongellé uses are top-notch and awaken your senses, plus you can use their products any way you need to: in the bath, in the shower, at home, or traveling. Just as they have dedicated warm fragrances for fall and winter, Spongellé has an assortment of fresh scents that are perfect for welcoming spring. Here are a few spring-ready products to pick up to welcome the season. Beach Grass Body Lotion to Transport You to the Seaside Even though the colder weather is over doesn’t mean your moisturizing routine must come to an end. Spongellé has your springtime moisturizer needs covered with their Beach Grass Body Lotion. Perfect for just after your shower with your Spongellé Body Buffer, their body lotion features a luxurious combination of skin-nourishing ingredients.

  3. The formula features shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E to leave your skin feeling pampered. As far as the scent, you can expect a spicy, fruity, green scent along with the uplifting notes of jasmine, rose, and woody musk. Freesia Pear Pedi-Buffer for a Fruity Spa Experience Your feet will love Spongellé’s signature pedi-buffer. It features a textured side that is perfect for whisking away dry skin, all while the infused wash cleanses. Forget about going to the spa for a pedicure—the spa experience is in the comfort of your own bath now. This scent features notes of fruits like lemon, grapefruit, and pear. Plus, you’ll love the floral scents of peony and freesia. French Lavender Wild Flower for a Sophisticated Clean Spongellé’s Body Wash Infused Buffers® are unlike any other product out there, offering an all- in-one luxury bath experience wherever there’s water. As soon as water hits your Spongellé bath sponge, the infused body wash will lather to life. With the French Lavender Wild Flower, you can expect your shower to fill with the scents of tea rose, amber, and lavender tea. Blackberry Boxed Flower for an Invigorating Soak There are few bath products as luxurious as Spongellé’s Boxed Flowers. Packaged to be the perfect gift, why not gift yourself or a friend a fruity, decadent-smelling essential for spring? This bath sponge can practically do it all, from cleansing to massaging and nourishing your skin, and it lasts for multiple washes to keep the luxury alive for days. Invigorate yourself with the scents of sparkling citrus, pink jasmine, vanilla sugar, and more with this spring-ready bath sponge from Spongellé. Shop the entire Spongellé collection of bath essentials at Original Source: