ice breaking discussion on development concept n.
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Ice Breaking Discussion on Development Concept!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Ice Breaking Discussion on Development Concept!!

Ice Breaking Discussion on Development Concept!!

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Ice Breaking Discussion on Development Concept!!

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  1. Ice Breaking Discussion on Development Concept!! • Traditional - VS - SEED-SCALE • Approach, Process and Methodology in Community Development! Developed By: Nawang Singh Gurung

  2. Traditional Development! People love and like to support poor community but many organization used wrong method! How to change this method, discuss?

  3. SEED-SCALE method Facilitate Teach Advocate If you really love and want to see poor communities are self-reliance! Accept and use SEED-SCALE method! Make Independent Make Active Make Self-reliance

  4. Women empowerment is good! But providing approach is not good!

  5. Here both women empowerment and approach is good! “Equity, empowerment, sustainable, self-reliance”

  6. Sustainable development

  7. 1. Traditional approach. 2. Giving to is making beggar 1. SEED-SCALE Approach. 2. Teaching makes self-reliance.

  8. Conclusion!

  9. Why SEED-SCALE approach is needed? • The traditional development strategy need to be changed in order to establish community-based development, self-reliance, sustainable, and cost benefit!!! See example of pictures and discuss !

  10. 1. Many donors, individual and religion organization believes that their small support can help to poor and marginalized communities but actual practices at field see example of project in picture! 2. Seed-Scale process and methodology is reverse to the picture =“community-based bottom up process; through human energy development> utilizing local resources, skill development for self-reliance. Listen to facilitators explanation!

  11. SEED-SCALE PRINCIPLE # 1 “Build from success”Define pictures below! • All four are needed • Getting each right takes time • Without using all four, projects will fail LAND OF KNOWLEDGE LAND OF IGNORANCE

  12. Land of knowledge is SEED-SCALE approach see pictures. First ignorance and 2nd and 3rd column are land of knowledge.

  13. Need to change traditional believes and practice! Is this 3 way partnership???? Same approach use in community development! This is not Seed-Scale approach?

  14. SEED-SCALE approach starts from local resources and success from community. NGO/expert says do it, imposing! Government officials says you should follow what NGO or expert says! Poor Community is considered a donkey who don’t know any thing but he does a lot of work and carry very heavy load. Second picture shows trying to get outside resources rather than use local resources (at ground). Development strategy made dependent.

  15. SEED-SCALE methodology changes such traditional practice see in picture > Behavior change. Man make decision and women are out of participation. Boys going to School and Girls working at home!