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Institute for Social Entrepreneurship

Promoting and Assisting Innovative Solutions. Institute for Social Entrepreneurship.

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Institute for Social Entrepreneurship

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  1. Promoting and Assisting Innovative Solutions Institute for Social Entrepreneurship

  2. Institute HistoryThe Institute for Social Entrepreneurship is multi-disciplinary service effort between Division of Business Administration & Management and the Division of Social Work & Social Science. The combined efforts resulted in the development of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship harnessing the spirit of an entrepreneur (one who undertakes and is creative/innovative in thinking and action) with a social focus (for the common good).

  3. MISSION • To promote and assist innovative solutions to pressing social needs using sound business principles in the faith community, government, and social services, both in Rochester and internationally.

  4. What is the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship? • A program that emphasis entrepreneurship and innovative principles in community building • Utilized six principles for restoring neighborhood commercial areas • Comprised of five service components that emphasizing entrepreneurship and innovation • Provides consulting and research services using a combination of faculty and students teams

  5. Institute Principles Collaboration Encourage collaborations as a strategy for increasing results by helping create linkages with Entrepreneurs. Growth Exploring growth opportunities for businesses or program expansions, collaboration / strategic alliances, or mergers. Diversification Identify and secure new sources of revenue to lessen risk of over dependency on federal, state or foundation funding.

  6. Innovation Exploring how to bring innovation and new inventive solutions in our organizations and businesses by placing more emphasis on encouraging exploration and rewarding those who develop solutions. Consolidation A Socially Entrepreneurial organization's ultimate goal should be to maximum social impact, not infinite survival. changes that result in an increased level of service, productivity or desired outcome.

  7. Five Service Components: • Community Outreach and Service Learning Internship Initiativethat supports local community development initiatives in targeted areas in the City of Rochester • Community Economic Development Institutethat provides community development organizations, small & micro businesses, and potential business owners with workshops that will enhance their core business, social development skills and knowledge. • Youth Entrepreneurship to begin developing successful young people through partnership that provide mentoring support young entrepreneurship.

  8. Five Service Components (continued): • Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) that support campus students involvement in community economic development and outreach events, including participation in volunteer activities, hosting of seminars and an annual entrepreneurship competition • Entrepreneurship Resource Centerto conduct research and access information / tutorials on business concepts, community development strategies and social work issues.The site is fully

  9. How is our Program unique? Focuses on development along Neighborhood Commercial Areas Encourages entrepreneurship and innovation for citizens & neighborhoods Promotes linkages with existing community building efforts Utilizes teams of Faculty and Students to assist in community building efforts Provides access to information through the Resource Center, Networking & Technology

  10. How Can The Community Benefit? • Attend training & capacity building sessions • Utilize volunteer or paid students & faculty internship teams to conduct research or consulting projects • Utilize outreach site to hosting meetings and small classes • Access the resource center information to access market research and information • Attend classes at Roberts & utilize campus resources

  11. Consulting & Research Services • Market Research and Analysis • Business and Organizational Development • Systems and Policy Research • Finance (Securing & Leveraging Resources to Fund Ventures)

  12. Partnership Possibilities? Collaborations with the Social Work Division: • Criminal Justice, Psychology & Counseling Collaborating with Youth Entrepreneurship initiatives Promote access to information & technical assistance for entrepreneurs Marketing & promotion - neighborhood commercial areas Streamlining & simplifying processes Collaboration on grants & securing resources Train entrepreneurs on the state-of–the-art technology Provide access to best practices in community building efforts

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