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  1. Romance

  2. THE NOTEBOOK This is a longshot. This has been used to show the location and give the audience a clear idea of what is happening. The two main protagonists are shown in a romantic setting, rowing a boat along the river, surrounded by natural beauty. There is a sense of calm that is brought out when watching this scene. The scene is romantic because it emphasises that their love is strong because the audience can see that all they need is each other’s company to express that love.

  3. The notebook Over the shoulder shot from the film trailer. It is used to present a conversation between two characters but only shows one at a time to focus on what that particular character is saying. In this shot Ally is being proposed to, which is a important event in the film, therefore it is very focused on. This type of shot also allows the audience to feel as though they are the other character in the shot because we see exactly what they do so it feels like we are looking through their eyes.

  4. The notebook In this trailer, the voiceover is one of the male characters reading a story from a notebook, hence the name of the film, and he introduces the two main protagonists who the film is based around. It then goes on to show how they first meet and continues through showing how they’re relationship blossoms, featuring a variety of scenes. The music in the trailer is quite a slow high pitched tune which can give you the feeling of sadness or romance. The pace is quite slow and steady and with the music it makes you feel calm.

  5. The notebook As the trailer continues, it develops to show the main plot of the film. It shows the struggle the two lovers face in terms of class differentiation, then how that struggle develops until they are again reunited but things have changed and how Ally must decide between Noah and the new man in her life. That point is vital because it grabs the audiences attention because nobody knows who she chooses. This then is an example of enigma code because the audience then asks the question ‘who will she pick?’ and will watch the film because they are intrigued to find the answer to their question.

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