piece of cake n.
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Piece of cake

Piece of cake

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Piece of cake

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  1. Piece of cake

  2. Definition and Origin • A task that is accomplished easily • This expression originated in the royal air force in the late 1930s for easy mission

  3. Dialogue A What’s wrong? You look in down. B Yeah, I have an exam tomorrow. A Common! It’s a piece of cake!

  4. Chew out

  5. Definition and Origin • To scold or angrily • This expression began to be used during World war I and soon spread to cilivian life.

  6. Dialogue A What are you doing here? B Why do you ask it? A Get in your room and study! B Mom! Don’t chew me out! I’m just taking a break.

  7. Sell like hot cakes

  8. Definition and Origin • To be bought by many people • This expression is come from pancake 1675-85 in America.

  9. Dialogue A Did you get his new CD? B Not yet. But I’m going to get it by tomorrow. A You have to be hurry up. It has been sold like hot cakes already.

  10. You’re toast

  11. Definition and Origin • You are in a lot of trouble • A phrase is used by Canadians to indicate that the person being addressed is in deep trouble.

  12. Dialogue A Where have you been? B I was at police office. A What happened? B I was stolen my wallet. A Oh, that’s too bad. You are toast.

  13. Sour grapes

  14. Definition and Origin • When someone says something critical or negative because they are jealous • From the fable of Aesop : the fox who after finding himself unable to get some grapes, he disparaged other fox as sour

  15. Definition A I don’t think you will have fun at the party. B You are not going to there aren’t you? A No I’m not. That is waste of time. B I guess that is sour grapes.