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Pastor Tutu - Exhortation PowerPoint Presentation
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Pastor Tutu - Exhortation

Pastor Tutu - Exhortation

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Pastor Tutu - Exhortation

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  1. Pastor Tutu - Exhortation

  2. The story of the lepers They called a conference They decided to leave their comfort zones She also left her job of 16 years We all have power of imagination It is important to calculate our risk The lepers took a calculated risk We are created uniquely It is not only about dreaming but also doing DO IT!!! The lepers could have died at the gate but they did something They took their chances Where we are is a function of our mind / imagination Are you satisfied with where you are? If not, then TAKE ACTIONS!!!
  3. Sis Toyin – Who moved my Cheese Anticipate Change Get ready for the cheese to move Change happens Enjoy change Change and win They keep moving the cheese The quicker you let go of the old cheese they sweeter you enjoy your new cheese If you want things to change, you need to change You can do same thing the same way and expect different results
  4. What are these cheese Cheese are your desires What you want to achieve Your marriage
  5. What is a maze? The path you have to go through to get to what you want
  6. Pastor Build Your Virtual Estate And Make Money While You Sleep Make Money from your laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone
  7. Going virtual is the future A time is coming where your present skill is not going to be required Movement from typewritter, word process, and now it is Ipad, app, etc Take your lives in your hands with God help Go to to get the copy of her teaching or Download for free QuicK Money A good man leave inheritance for his children’s children
  8. Statistics of 100 people from Age 25 to 56 1 Wealthy 4 Live well 23 Have to work 18 Dead 58 depend on others
  9. 1p duplaicated every day or 1,000 every day for 30 days 1p
  10. Writing books It is easy to write a book Ghanaian Bride How to loose weight It is easy to publish on Amazon Create Space is free to use
  11. Marketing Network marketing: If i would be given a chance to start over again, i would choose NETWORK MARKETING - comments from Bill Gate
  13. Niche Blogging Niche Blogging is when you are an infoprenuer and you blog on a certain niche by giving out good free information and content You then monetise your blog
  14. 4 Reasons create products Leaverage your time Monetize your expertise Make yourself competition – proof Build your legacy
  15. eBay Power Seller Choose Your Product
  16. Affliate Marketing You tube strategy Parasite strategy – Burn Article marketing strategy –\100aDayVideos Facebook strategy - Squeeze page strategy –
  17. Wisdom Nugget If you born poor, it is not your mistake but if you did poor ...
  18. Story of a big Elephant tied to a small pole It is time to break out Breakthrough Break free financially
  19. WorkshopPastor YinkaAyeni Everyone has an idea that could make them a millionaire four times in a year Running a multi-billion business - over $42Billion How to make your dream and with others Where do you want to be in 1, 5, 20 years As people catch your vision, they expand it Surround yourself with people you gets you People who push you
  20. Disney World It fulfils the child in you
  21. Be SMART Your plan must be realistic Build the habit A little at a time daily Spend 20minutes looking at it every day Train your brain You can see it God told Abram, as far as you can see. You will achieve it Vision need Money, Energy, Put something to your vision Google funding circle Google Business start up
  22. Bro GboyeSodekeMy Small Business Theory of Accounting Accounting was defined as systematic reporting and analysis of financial transaction of business Book keeping : Recording of financial transaction through books of primary entry Importance of Accounting: Gives a structured, standardized, easy to understand, and timely information on the performance and state of business, which provides basis for good decision making
  23. Specific Accounting disciplines /fields Financial Accounting Mgt (and or cost) Accounting Auditing Taxation Special Fundamental accounting concepts Entity Going concern Prudence / Conservation: Anticipated future loses. Make provision for unpaid invoice. Don't spend what you do not have Accrual, Matching & Amortisation: You make provision for expenses incurred and bills has not arrived Periodicity Materiality Economic substance over legal
  24. Accounting policies, specific relevant examples Depreciation Stock Valuation Asset Capitalisation Some Relevant bodies Financial Accounting Standard board International Accounting Standard Board HM Revenue etc Broad Types of business (for accounting purpose) Manufacturing Trading Services Others
  25. Some other consideration Guiding principles for admissibility of expenses (WREN) . Think about these things when incurring expenses: A) wholly b) Reasonable c)Necessarily Common cause of failing small business Poor booking – unrecorded transaction, error Non separation of business from personal dealing Incessant drawings in all forms – think WREN Absense of, or disregarded for policy – have a clear policy “NO CREDIT TODAY COME TOMORROW!!!” Lack of clear strategy (eg volume vs margin) Deal with everyone equally. No double standard No poor pricing Principle of double entry You record every transaction twice
  26. Exercise With Cash or Not Volume ACCOUNTING/BOOKING KEEPING!!!
  27. What – Definition of account Why – To have info How – changes over time, from simple journal to IT enables financial accounts
  28. YewandeAjayi – AkpiruoKingdom Business Management Strategies Slogan of the seminar - JUST DO IT Article of Association You need a Strategic Partnership Qualities of a good partner. Only God fits into the qualities Partner with God Case Study: Luke 5: 1-7 Story of Peter toiling all day Peter did not know where the fishes were God has the information where the fishes were God gave him the information Peter became a supplier from that time He had a net breaking experience Insurance Policy The benefit of being insurance – Peace of Mind Case Study: Malachi 3: 10-12 He will keep the devourer from you Open a window of heaven Pay your tithe
  29. 100% of nothing is = 0% Nothing ventured nothing gained If you dont take a risk, you will not achieve anything Do you love or love money Money have wings Manage money Keep money Other Peoples Money (OPM) Case 2Kings 4: 1-7 The litmus test Liability – what takes money from you Asset – what brings money to you Elisha told the woman to go and borrow. Borrow very well You have oil in your hand Lock yourself up Just Do it If you don't know what to do, go back to God – The woman went back to the prophet
  30. Send your money on purpose not on impulse Plan to spend your money Be careful where you put your money Dont buy liability Buy asset If you want a luxury make your asset pay for it
  31. Team Management You need a team Even Jesus had a team Choose your team Dont employ based on emotion Film – The pursuit of happiness For choosing a team Look for someone who is willing Look for people with Lot of passion You need a determined person