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Top Quality Garmin GPS Modules With Effective Safety Assuran

We have wide selection of OEM GPS sensors, engine boards highly sensitive, low power consumption by Garmin and USGlobalSat, suitable for aviation, automotive and a variety of applications. Visit our website to order now at starlite-intl.com.

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Top Quality Garmin GPS Modules With Effective Safety Assuran

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  1. Top Quality Garmin GPS Modules With Effective Safety Assurance Of Your Fleet

  2. Looking for an efficient solution for the safety of your fleet? Or need a wireless application tool to track the location of your fleet? If your answer is yes, then consider the below mentioned Garmin GPS Modules to ensure the safety of your automobile.

  3. GARMIN GPS 15x The GARMIN GPS 15x, a small, highly versatile, sensible sensor is designed specifically for catering several OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications which includes the wireless communication, navigation of automobiles and mapping . GPS 15X with a CMOS level, UART compatible asynchronous serial port offers high input voltage as well as EMI/RFI performance. Therefore, you can use it near the mobile computing devices and wireless communication instruments without being worried about any interference.

  4. GARMIN GPS 15xL & GPS 15xH • The GPS 15xL & GPS 15xH are featured with fully programmable NMEA 0183 sentence selection, on-board voltage regulation and RS-232 drivers. These are versatile and highly sensitive sensors slightly smaller than a common matchbook. • GPS 15xL & GPS 15xH sensors can offer you wide input voltage, i.e. 3.0Vdc – 3.5Vdc regulated and input nominal current 66mA. Even, these types of GPS modules can be employed near the wireless communication equipment and mobile computing devices with minimal concern of interference.

  5. GARMIN GPS 15L & GPS 15H The GPS 15L & GPS 15H are featured with WAAS abilities, on-board voltage regulations, programmable baud rate, fully programmable NMEA 0183 sentence selection and true RS-232 drivers like the GPS 15X. While receiving valid WAAS corrections locally, the GPS 15L & GPS 15H will offer the accurate position to less than 3 meters without the use of any external DGPS beacon receiver. These GPS 15L & GPS 15H are the complete GPS modules which need less additional components to be given by a System Integrator or OEM. However, these systems will provide the GPS with a power source, a GPS antenna and a clear view of GPS satellites. In fact, it is recommended to have an active antenna for ensuring the improved performance. The entire GPS module will communicate with the GPS 15H and 15L through two RS-232 compatible receiver channels and a transmitter channel.

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  7. Contact us:Star Lite International, LLCP.O. Box 965,Southfield, Michigan 48037, U.S.A.

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