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Guide to Buying Best Sheets - SOL Organics PowerPoint Presentation
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Guide to Buying Best Sheets - SOL Organics

Guide to Buying Best Sheets - SOL Organics

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Guide to Buying Best Sheets - SOL Organics

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  1. What to Look for When Buying Sheets SOL Organics

  2. There are a number of brands provide you cotton bed sheets online. But we provide you some important tips, this helps you to find Ideal sheets to make your perfect bedding. You need to consider the following factors.

  3. What to Check? - Sateen vs. Percale - Thread counts are deceptive - Egyptian cotton - Caring Guidelines - Price - Fiesta Percale cotton - Cotton- polyester blends - Pima Cotton Sheet

  4. Sateen vs. Percale Sateen is considered more luxurious and expensive while Percale is less pricey but has a crispier and cooler touch than sateen. Percale is also more durable than sateen.

  5. Thread Counts The higher thread count does not mean, more softness and good quality of the sheets. A thread count of about 400 is good in quality but when this level exceeds, bed sheets become stiffer and stiffer. If you shop a sheet of 800 thread count, you would not find much satisfaction.

  6. Egyptian Cotton Egyptian cotton is also known as king of cotton. Sheets made from this cotton are seeming luxurious. The authentic Egyptian cotton is produced in a special way and climate in Egypt only and pricing is high.

  7. Caring Guidelines Organic cotton made bedding sets are more comfortable and costly than normal sheets. You need to compare the instruction of washing, drying, storage and Ironing with the other sheets.

  8. Price Price is an important factor, before the shopping you need to compare prices of all type sheets.

  9. Fiesta Percale cotton This is a gleaming texture and is accessible in lovely colors like those of Fiesta dinnerware. With a thread count of 200, Fiesta percale is are the best for spending plan and standard quality.

  10. Cotton- polyester blends

  11. Pima Cotton Sheet Pima cotton has a string tally of 280. This standard sheet is a flexible alternative which gets to be distinctly gentler with rehashed washings.

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