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STEM Education – Driving Factors in Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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STEM Education – Driving Factors in Schools

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STEM Education – Driving Factors in Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STEM Education – Driving Factors in Schools

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  1. STEM Education – Driving Factors in Schools As the need for innovation is increasing due to the effect of globalization, the demand for STEM is going up in India. Relatively new, STEM – the acronym referring to: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – has become something of a household term. While the world has already started to shift towards STEM, our traditional primary schools are making a gradual move towards integrating STEM in regular curriculum. The power and importance of scientific innovation is realised by the world and our country needs to amend its educational system to adopt innovation which can lead its path to development. STEM Education in India can help to create a highly skilled workforce that will be capable of providing solutions to modern day challenges. Technologies changes rapidly, so it would be really difficult to predict trends which may influence STEM pedagogy. It, in fact, can be said that the ‘technologies to watch’ in future can have a direct influence on this method of education. ·Modern and future trends that can influence STEM education and practitioners: · The Internet of Things · Virtual assistants

  2. · Machine learning · Wearable technology · Gamification · 3D printing Most of these technologies have already made their presence felt in our lives and the classrooms. Though already known and being in use, evolutions in the mobile technology and online learning could also be included here. Comfort conferred by the emerging technology trends actually sets the stage for what’s to come, which also forms the basis for STEM education. Initiatives in India ‘Make in India’ roll-out is nothing new. If this idea is being promoted across the globe to attract manufacturers, providing the required skill-set is also compulsory. With the mission to create a highly skilled workforce, government has taken an initiative to establish Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) across schools and institutions. A strategic partner in this program, StemBridge Labs helps establish ATLs which provide a scientific environment for critical thinking and innovation. StemBridge Labs also provides necessary equipment for hands-on training and experiment to learn how to solve real-world challenges. Equipped with the latest technology, StemBridge Labs also provides training programs for teachers to counter the increasing demand for quality STEM educators. Reference Link