stem education in the realm of modern academics n.
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STEM Education in the Realm of Modern Academics PowerPoint Presentation
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STEM Education in the Realm of Modern Academics

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STEM Education in the Realm of Modern Academics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STEM Education in the Realm of Modern Academics

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  1. STEM Education in the Realm of Modern Academics India, on the way to become a global manufacturing hub, needs critical thinkers and innovators who can solve real-world problems. This is where skills in STEM can help. In order to make this happen, traditional education system must change with an emphasis on practical learning. The existing rote learning can never fulfill the current talent demands. Hence, in order to create a desirable talent pool, significant emphasis should be put on integrating STEM education in regular school curricula. To make necessary changes to the age-old academics, India needs to take initiatives which promotes STEM along with traditional learning. Students must be introduced to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – from an early age so that they can develop an interest in these subjects. While students get basic knowledge of science and maths in primary and high school, they do not get enough opportunities to explore and experiment in these subjects. STEM Education STEM education allows students to learn through experiments. Students gather information, conduct experiments and evaluate their results to understand the authenticity of fallouts. All these activities enhance their learning outcomes and transform them into critical thinkers. Since the problems which they are working on are from real-life, they take more interest and get into cutting- edge research. They work individually or in groups, get to compare their results with others and note observations. All these things also enhance their communication, interpersonal and social skills. Current Scenario in India The socio-economic status of families in India poses major challenge in creating a skilled taskforce. Lack of financial aids, IT infrastructure requirements and the shortage of skilled educators create difficulties on the way to implementing STEM. However, the government has already sensed the situation and is doing every bit to make STEM popular. NITI Ayog has proposed to establish Atal Tinkering Labs in select schools under Atal Innovation Mission.

  2. Authorised vendors like StemBridge Labs provide necessary equipment, IT and infrastructure support to establish STEM labs in elementary school. The government also provide financial aid along with other support to increase engagement of students in hands-on learning. For students, it provides them with immense opportunities for a better future with a lucrative pay scale. Reference Link: