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  1. EOSDIS Status 11/4/2009 Dan Marinelli, NASA GSFC ESDIS Project, Science Systems Development Office

  2. Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) REASoN ACCESS Adapted from Instrument Science Team Facilities (SCFs and SIPSs) Data Assimilation Model EOSDIS Context

  3. EOSDIS Data Availability Timeline

  4. Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project - GSFC Code 423 • Objective - Develop and Operate Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) • A production capability for standard science data products from EOS instruments • An “active archive” of Earth science data from EOS and other past and present Earth science missions • A distributed information framework (data centers, system elements, interfaces and data model) supporting EOS investigators and other users in science, government, industry, education, and policy • Organizations: ESDIS Project meets its requirements by funding and managing several organizations including • “Large” industrial: Raytheon (EMD) • Distributed Data Centers - NASA Centers (GSFC, JPL, LaRC), other government agencies (EDC, ORNL), Universities (ASF, NSIDC, SEDAC) • Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPSs) - NASA Centers (GSFC, JPL, LaRC, MSFC), NCAR • Project Components: • SDPS - System for ingesting, processing, archiving and distributing data • Data Centers - Science System Operations • EOSDIS Networks - Transportation of mission & science data • SIPS - Systems developed and operated by PIs or Team Leaders for generation of standard data products for delivery to Data Centers • Web Site: http://eos.nasa.gov/eosdis

  5. Trends in data access

  6. Data Distribution - Top 10 Products *Some products are inherently larger than other files in size and therefore may skew the results. ** When counting # of Files, Metadata files are not included. FY2008 Annual Report

  7. Distribution by source

  8. EOSDIS Metrics Reference • All kinds of other metrics information about EOSDIS can be found at: • http://ems.eos.nasa.gov/reports/index.shtml

  9. Recent Progress • Transition from EOS Data Gateway (EDG) to ECHO/WIST has completed. There are over 15000 users currently accessing EOS data via ECHO/WIST. • ECS 7.22 is operational at the sites which host ECS (Land Processes DAAC, Souix Falls, SD, Atmospheric Sciences Data Center, Langley, VA, and National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, CO) • Migration to all disk archive expected to complete by end of 2009 • 7.22 contains functionality needed to support on-line archive, end-to-end checksumming, NCR rollups, and other capabilities in support of evolution

  10. Plans for the next year • ECS Release 7.23: work underway for delivery planned under EEB Contract • EED Contract RFP has been solicited and proposals received; we are evaluating at this time

  11. EOSDIS Futures • Future spending profile reflects reductions being achieved with evolution • GES DISC off of ECS; MODAPS performs MODIS processing and L1/atmospheres archive and distribution • ASDC DAAC now supports CERES with their ANGe system; ECS to remain in place through at least 7.23 for other EOS instruments • ECS evolution development has resulted in greatly reduced physical, SLOC footprint, and thus cost to maintain • EEB contract expires May 2010; ESDIS is evaluating proposals for the EOSDIS Evolution and Development Contract • THG grant is in effect until July 2011 • NPP PEATEs will be funded through the ESDIS project once NPP is launched • Decadal Survey missions are on the horizon and planning is underway • Commitment to data systems support is being stressed by NASA • Working with the teams via the Decadal Survey Planning Group and the ESDSWG