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How to clean your diamond ring

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How to clean your diamond ring

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  1. How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

  2. Diamond Rings You love the diamond ring adorning your finger, but the regular wear and tear is taking off its shine with time. Taking your ring to a professional for cleaning could be a very convenient but a costly affair. Your concern can be rectified in no time, if you follow some simple tips for your home to keep your diamond ring clean and shiny.

  3. Use the Glass Cleaner • Spray the diamond with a glass cleaner solution and scrub it gently • Clean the inner sides of the ring where the dirt accumulates • Rinse off and put the ring under running tap water • Wipe it with a soft cloth

  4. Clean with Mild Chemicals • Ammonia can also be used as a cleaning agent • Mix ammonia with water in 1:6 proportion in a bowl • Rinse the diamond rings in the solution for 15-20 minutes • Take out the rings and scrub them with gentle toothbrush • Dry the rings with an abrasive cloth

  5. Clean with Lest Oil • Lest oil mixed with water can be used instead of ammonia • Soak the ring in the mixture for 10-15 minutes • Scrub the rings with a soft toothbrush to remove dirt

  6. Sparkle it with Detergent Liquid • Mix detergent liquid with water in an old metal bowl • Boil this mixture and keep it aside for a minute • Soak the ring in this bowl for a minute • Brush it with a toothbrush to clean the dirt • Remove the ring with the help of a tweezers • Rinse off the ring with water and wipe it with a clean and soft cloth

  7. Try These as well • Dishwashing liquids and detergents can also be used to clean the ring • Try running your diamond ring under warm water to clean off the undue dirt and grease • Go for microfiber cloth or mild abrasive cloth for wiping you diamond rings • The rings that are not too dirty cane be lightly brushed with baking soda paste • You can use vinegar and water mixture (1:1) to clean your ring • You can also buy an apt jewelry cleaning solution at the local store

  8. Rings with Multiple Gemstones • Every gemstone has a different cleaning requirement • Adopt the cleaning agent according to the least durable element of the ring • For example, emerald is a hard stone but easily gets damaged under high heat or with the use of strong soaps. Moreover, it should not be cleaned more than a few times in a year

  9. Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaning • If your ring gets too dirty and you find it difficult to clean at home, you can go to a local jeweler to get your ring cleaned • Steam and Ultrasonic cleaning can be get done with the help of a professional once in a while • Ultrasonic and steam cleaning should not be used on fragile settings and diamond rings with other weak gemstones

  10. Things to Remember • Do not use ammonia to clean the ring if the diamond is fracture filled • Do confirm with your jeweler if your diamond is fracture filled • If it is, use mild detergent liquid to clean the diamond • Protect your diamond ring from harsh chemicals like chlorine that may harm it • Take off your ring or wear gloves whenever you happen to come in contact with chlorine and other abrasive chemicals • Take off your ring while performing rough chores

  11. Keep your diamond jewelry separate from the other jewelry to avoid scratches • Keep a check on your jewelry at regular intervals to see if the setting is intact • Try to get your ring examined by a professional once in a year • Try to avoid handling your diamond as much as you can. The oil from your hand can diminish the shine of the stone • Clean the ring regularly (at least once a week) to keep your ring sparkle as ever • Be extra careful with rings having fragile settings

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