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Contract & Budget Process for Hospital Preparedness Program Grant (HPP) PowerPoint Presentation
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Contract & Budget Process for Hospital Preparedness Program Grant (HPP)

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Contract & Budget Process for Hospital Preparedness Program Grant (HPP)
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Contract & Budget Process for Hospital Preparedness Program Grant (HPP)

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  1. Contract & Budget Process for Hospital Preparedness Program Grant (HPP) Office of Public Health Preparedness September 26, 2013 Anuradha Nair HPP Grant Manager

  2. Agenda • Overview • National Trends • HPP Contracts- Components • Contracts- Development • Examples • HPP Budgets • Questions

  3. Overview • The South Carolina Public Health Preparedness grants are administered by SCDHEC Office of Public Health Preparedness through cooperative agreements. • CDC- Public Health Emergency Preparedness Grant (PHEP) • ASPR- Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

  4. National Trends in the HPP Program • Project-based activities not solely facility-focused funding • Impact to the entire continuum of care • Increased fiscal accountability • Activities don’t “count”, outcomes do. • Go beyond the basics. • Capabilities and Program Measures.

  5. HPP Program funding supports • Enhanced Planning  • Increasing Integration  • Improving Infrastructure 

  6. HPP Contracts

  7. Contracts- Definition • A contract is an agreement in which DHEC engages the services of an individual, organization or institution to perform or conduct an activity.

  8. Contract Components 1. Parties to the Contract and funding source 2. Purpose 3. Agreements A. Scope of Services B. Time of Performance C. Compensation D. Method of Payment E. Evaluation F. Terms and Conditions 4. Signatory Authority

  9. A. Scope of Services • Grant related projects both parties are agreeing to accomplish: • DHEC • Contractor • Tied to projects addressing capabilities • Includes detailed expectations, evaluation plan and budget allocated to each project

  10. B. Time of Performance • Establishes the dates that the contract starts and stops during the grant budget period (July 1st- June 30th). • Only expenses incurred between the start date and the stop date of the contract can be reimbursed with grant funds.

  11. C. Compensation • Sets the maximum amount of funds that are available for the contract period. • Reimbursable contract: No prepayment for services.

  12. D. Methods of Payment • Specify method and timing of payment. • Payments for services purchased by DHEC shall be made only after the services have been provided. • Only expenditures incurred during the contract period can be submitted for reimbursement. • Additionally, funds will only be reimbursed if monies have been committed, a purchase order completed, and equipment received prior to the end of contract date.

  13. E. Evaluation • Explains the processes and procedures that DHEC uses to evaluate how well the Scope of Service and the other elements of the contract were met.

  14. F. Terms and Conditions • List of terms and conditions that the Federal Government, the State Government and DHEC require.

  15. 4. Signatory Authority • The contract is not legally in effect until both parties sign.

  16. Contract Development Steps • DHEC Point of Contact and Contractor will discuss: • Scope of service: related to capabilities and current work plan. • Overall Budget plan to be submitted along with contract, for each activity. • Include subject matter experts in discussion as appropriate. • Develop draft scope of service, evaluation plan and budget • Create draft contract using contract template

  17. Contract Amendments • Any change to a component of a contract requires the contract to be amended. • Amendments are processed in the same manner as the original contract. • Contracts cannot be amended once the initial contract period ends.

  18. Example • Scope of service: • In conjunction with SCDHEC, evaluate and exercise newly developed WebEOC Patient Tracking Board for utilization throughout the state. • Evaluation • Output: Work with OPHP staff, including Regional PHP Directors, to develop a plan for larger deployment of the newly developed WebEOC Patient Tracking Board system to the Healthcare Coalition hospitals. Conduct one exercise in each regional healthcare coalition to test the WebEOC patient Tracking Board capability and validate users’ familiarity with the product. • Outcome: A validated patient tracking system and trained users to operate the system.

  19. Example • Scope of Services • Implement a standard, coordinated system for coroners, hospitals and families to gather and make available ante- and post-mortem data in a timely fashion. • Evaluation • Output: The Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS) is modified for South Carolina and available for use by the state’s coroners. • Outcome: At least 20% of coroners or their staff participate in a statewide test of their ability to input data and of those 20% participants, at least 75% are able to successfully demonstrate data entry

  20. HPP Budgets

  21. National HPP funding levels, FY02 – FY13

  22. SC funding levels, FY07 – FY13

  23. Budget - Purpose • A budget: key element of Project Proposals. • An effective proposal budget outlines a proposed project in fiscal terms and helps reviewers to determine how the project will be conducted. • HPP budgets: Healthcare Coalition Budgets, Public Health region budgets and SCDHEC Central Office budgets.

  24. Budget Form • New ‘Budget Form for FY2013’ and ‘Travel Calculator’. (Refer to handout in package). • Budget Forms to be submitted with contracts. • Categories: Personnel (salary), Supplies, Travel, Equipment, Indirect and Other. • Each expense should be associated with a Capability and one of the Functions under the capability.

  25. Budget Approval DHEC Contact will review budget request with the contractor, and forward the information to the Grant Manager for approval. Final approval is by DHEC State OPHP Director. Once approved, a signed budget is returned to the Contractor. No changes allowed to previously approved budgets without further discussion and approval from Grant Manager and OPHP Director. Only items on a signed, approved budget form can be purchased and reimbursed.

  26. Questions?