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Project Scope

Project Scope

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Project Scope

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  1. Project Scope Hire Consulting Firm to perform following: Consult with them for erosion controls and river bank protection Design drawings and written proposals to be submitted to City, Province Perform surveying and flood elevation Design slope , scour depth, landscape design and architecture Design, Engineer retaining wall profile Prepare Applications Aquire Aquatic Environmental Assessment Submit reports and studies to Alberta Environment Apply for Licence to City, Province Apply to City under Water Act Upon approval granted Submit Public Notices If no public appeals, commence work Tender and Hire firms like Pro-con Roadworks to peform work Tender and Hire landscaper to reclaim surface land once work is done 1

  2. Objective for condo plan 0313083 The objective is to repair and stabilize the riverbank, prevent erosion, protect the foundation of the building. FOUNDATION EROSION Repairs 2

  3. Describe work Preparations: Surveying Work to be done to create drawings and proposals Field Surveys for impact assessment Studies for preparing applications Submit plans for Approval Upon approval work commences Construction: Equipment would dig a trough or undercut and slope the land according to designs by a landscape architect (see slide 5). Earth material would be used to build up the eroded areas and then the shaped land would be covered with a landscape fabric. The fabric would be covered with limestone boulders that would protect the earth of the riverbank from washing away during periods of high river water flow. Pockets of vegetation would be incorporated into the design to keep the natural state as close as possible to existing conditions. Once the retaining wall is done the lawn would need To be re-landscaped to fix any track marks or damage to the grass. 3

  4. Sept 2008 Sketch of erosion areas(This is a sample of all I had to work with 2008-2009) 4

  5. Work area ownership issues • Riverside estates Erosion Area Condo Property Line Erosion Area City Property Line Province Property Line Federal and Provincial Regulated Elbow River and Shoreline 5

  6. City of Calgary – Blue Arrows showing Erlton: Block 31ER, And Mission: Block 32 on either side of Elbow River “31ER” is where the City of Calgary built retaining wall in 2007 ``32 is where our land is. 24th Ave SW ELBOW RIVER All documents for where City of Calgary built the retaining wall in 2007 at `31ER` are filed at Alberta Environment under File 00238708 6

  7. Site plan: (sample of drawing needed) Required: Property Lines Elevations Existing and Proposed Landscape 50 year and 100 year Flood Elevations 7

  8. Repair: Side view of retaining wallThis is another sample of an exact drawing type needed 8

  9. Our Front lawn Excavation area and slope Limestone Rock Planting pocket for vegetation Repair Side view 1 4 2 3 9

  10. Detail of vegetation 10

  11. Aquatic Environmental Assessment Au This is an exact sample of the contents of the documents we need to file with our Application to Alberta Environment to do any work on Riverbank All of this is done by Consultant 11