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Lead Research Group. LRG DIRECT MAIL. Official Any Color Gets Opened. Snap Pack: Official Check ? Customer Engagement Via Official Dialogue. Brown Craft Envelope: Pink Card insert Customer Engagement Via Official Dialogue. Ex: Top Performing “Snap Pack” Circa 2008 Statue of Liberty

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  1. Lead Research Group LRG DIRECT MAIL

  2. Official • Any Color • Gets Opened

  3. Snap Pack: Official Check? • Customer Engagement Via Official Dialogue • Brown Craft Envelope: • Pink Card insert • Customer Engagement Via Official Dialogue

  4. Ex: Top Performing “Snap Pack” • Circa 2008 • Statue of Liberty • Official • Got Opened

  5. Top Performing Snap Pack • Example • Unique Reference Code • Official Alert

  6. Client Relations Management • Crm.LeadResearchGroup.com • User: Demo123 • Pass: Demo123 • Instant Information • Stop The Interrogation! • Credibility

  7. Call Tracking • Kall8 Call Tracking • Independent Comp • Call Recordings • Real Time Reports • Geography Reports • Cost Per Lead

  8. Kall8 Geography Report • Isolate Closing Area • Define Target Spends • Spend Money Where • It Makes Sense

  9. The Net/Net - I Want Results! • 10,000 Mailers • 360 Calls • 3.6% Response • $13.88 Per Call • 10% Close • 36 Deals • Average $1000 • Per deal • 36 Deals x $1000 • =$36,000 • $36,000 / $5000 • =720% ROI

  10. Track-N-Trace • Where’s My Mail? • Accutrace • Independent USPS • Tracking • Shows Drop Times • Real Time Delivery • Geography Reports • Delivery % Reports

  11. Highly Responsive Data The Best Part - No One is Mailing To It Our proprietary data set model uses summarized credit info. along with dozens of databases to create a consumer overlaid compliant database. Our Algorithms Determine a likelihood of Debt Load, Potential Mortgage Lates, incomes, or anything you need. We will also Suppress your data against any other orders. This insures your data is FRESH. • Summarized Credit Information • Full National Change of Address (NCOA) Database • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) Scrub • Indicators: ARMS, Loan Amounts, Credit Card Lates, Loan Dates, • Rate Type, • Modeled Credit Score Range, Second TD Amounts, Age Groups

  12. Building The Mailing Machine

  13. Sales Type: Assume! • The Beauty of mail is: They are Calling you! Have your salesman do less talking and more helping. • Talk About Company Achievements • Talk About Personal Achievements (Client Stories) • Talk About The Strength of The Product • Sample: • Hello - This is Matt, how are you today? • Great! Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? • Perfect, well Cathy we specialize in reducing loan amounts and • rates without the need to refinance, we have a special program called…... Can I ask what made you call in today? • GET THEM INVESTED – Take Notes on Needs

  14. LRGDirectMail.Com • Samples • Tracking Portal

  15. DR: Specific / Quantifiable Direct Mail Pros • Highly Filtered Data • Highest Quality Call • Low Call Cost If Done Right • Callers Are Educated (Readers) Direct Mail Cons • Expensive If Done Wrong • 24 Hour Calls • USPS Unpredictable • Callers May Shop

  16. Mail: Nutshell Direct Mail Pros • Data Is Filtered • Highest Quality Call • Can Be Low Call Cost Direct Mail Cons • Can Also Be Very Expensive • No Time Filters • USPS Unpredictable • Watch Out For: • “Murphy's Law” • Consistency is Key • Bad Drops Happen To the Best of Us • USPS Can Be Slow • Scripting is MOST IMPORTANT • 30-60% ARE Closable

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