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  1. T O B A C CO

  2. So…anybody have a light? • ALL forms of tobacco contain chemicals that are DANGEROUS to your health – there are no safe alternatives. • Nicotine is the addictive element in cigarettes that keep people coming back for more. • Tar is the substance in tobacco that damages your respiratory system • Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas in tobacco that has no color or odor…silent but deadly.

  3. LEUKOPLAKIA ~ white spots in the mouth that can turn into oral cancer  One way Leukoplakia can develop is from continuous smokeless tobacco.

  4. What if I only smoke for a few weeks or a couple of months? (SHORT TERM EFFECTS) • The chemistry in our brains changes • Breathing/heart rate goes up • Taste buds dulled/appetite reduced • Bad breath, yellow teeth, smelly hair, skin, & clothes

  5. What if smoking for a few weeks turns into a life long habit for me? (LONG TERM EFFECTS) • CHRONIC BRONCHITIS • EMPHYSEMA • LUNG CANCER • CORONARY HEART DISEASE/STROKE • WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM

  6. Electronic Cigarettes…are these safe? MYTH: This is a safe alternative for smokers. TRUTH: There are no safe alternatives. With the electronic cigarettes, you are able to control your level of nicotine. Where there is nicotine, there is addiction. MYTH: There are no warning labels on the electronic cigarettes, they are very easy to get since they are available at many places, and they have a variety of delicious flavors therefore there is nothing harmful about them. TRUTH: There are many harmful parts to these cigarettes (they contain nicotine, cancer causing chemicals, and more). The variety of flavors & availability appeals to young kids who can become hooked.

  7. Chewing tobacco... Baseball players do it – what’s the big deal? Risks: leads to gum disease, nicotine addiction, & increased risk for oral cancer. Sounds good right? There’s more…it also causes LEUKOPLAKIAalong with the juices in the tobacco causing cancer of esophagus, pharynx, larynx, stomach, & pancreas. Yum! • Cigarettes VS. Chewing Tobacco: • Young kids who use chewing tobacco can be addicted for their lifetime & frequently smoke cigarettes as well. • Studies show that young boys who chew tobacco have a higher risk of becoming cigarette smokers within 4 years.

  8. How will YOU deal with it? “It’s just one cigarette…” “Are you afraid to try something new?” “You seem stressed out…smoking will help you relax.” “You can always quit later when you’re older.” “Everybody else does it.”

  9. What if my friends smoke & I don’t, can second hand smoke harm me? Emma's friend Megan lights up a cigarette every chance she gets — while she's cruising around with their friends on Friday nights, during breaks at the pizza place, before soccer scrimmages, even as she babysits her brother. Emma's worried — both for her friend's health and for her own. She's not sure Megan realizes how her habit could be affecting the health of the people she smokes around.

  10. What messages are these pictures sending to youabout smoking?

  11. Think about… How much of this is influenced by his culture? Is this child the person to blame? If not, who is responsible? What are the dangers of smoking at such a young age? Were your final thoughts about the boy the same at the end of the clip as they were at the beginning? Why/why not?

  12. Put united streaming video here…..

  13. Interactive game with students rolling the dice on this slide.