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Chinese Traditional Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Traditional Wedding

Chinese Traditional Wedding

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Chinese Traditional Wedding

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  1. Chinese Traditional Wedding

  2. Chinese Traditional WeddingSummary

  3. Pre-Wedding • 1.Request for Marrying the Bride (提親): ☻matchmaker(媒人) ☻negotiation (persuation) between the two families • 2.Request for Bride and Groom’s Birth Dates(問名): ☻eight letters(八字,the year, month, day, and hour of the groom and the bride’s birth)

  4. Pre-Wedding • 3. Formal Gifts for the Bride's Family(過大禮): ☻bridal cakes ☻cash, wine, tobacco, ☻sacrifices for ancestors • 4.Select the Wedding Date(請 期): ☻contacting with the fortune teller (according to the groom and bride’s birthdates)

  5. Pre-Wedding • 5.Set up the Bridal Bed(安床): ☻moving the bridal bed to the right place ☻place certain good fortune food and fruit on the bed ☻untouched till the wedding day

  6. Pre-Wedding • 6.Dowry(嫁妝): ☻the bridal gift for the groom (arriving in the groom’s home before the wedding day) ☻dowry list: ♥24K gold or jewelries ♥1 pair of chopsticks to indicate “fast son” ♥bed spread, pillows, quilt with dragon- phoenix design

  7. Pre-Wedding ♥lucky money (Li Shi) ♥maid (wealthy family)

  8. Pre-Wedding • 7.Combing Hair(上頭): ☻finding a good fortune woman and man with living children and spouse

  9. Pre-Wedding ☻combing the couple’s hair 4 times: ♥first: from beginning to the end ♥second: harmony from now till old age ♥third: sons and grandsons all over the place ♥fourth: good wealth and long-lasting marriage

  10. Wedding Day Activities • 1.Hair-dressing for the Bride: ☻dress up the bride’s hair ☻tying up the hair in bun (a style of married woman) ☻auspicious words while dressing • 2.Fiesta in Honor of Ancestor (groom)(祭祖)

  11. Wedding Day Activities • 3.Picking up the Bride: ☻Chinese bridal sedan chair(花轎) ↔flower car(禮車)

  12. Wedding Day Activities • 4.Setting of Fireworks • 5.Door-opening Game: ☻the groom and the groomsmen will be block by bride’s a lot of tricky questions about the bride ☻pay Li Shi money to the bridesmaids (usually 999 dollars)

  13. Wedding Day Activities • 6.Tea Ceremony: ☻serving tea to the superior in bride’s family (the couple) ☻Li Shi money in return (parents and relatives) • 7.Red Head Covers: ☻red silk veil

  14. Wedding Day Activities • 8.The Bride leaving home(出門): ☻red umbrella (protecting the bride from evil spirit) ☻throwing rice, beans (attracting attention of the golden chicken) ☻the matchmaker will carry the bride on her back

  15. Wedding Day Activities ☻ the bride’s farewell is forbidden ☻Fan(扇子): ♥receiving the fan ♥throwing away the fan (a farewell to the bride’s bad habits) ☻ spilling the water(潑水)

  16. Wedding Day Activities • 9.Bride Arriving the Groom’s Home(過門): ☻going across a bowl of fire(過火盆) ☻stepping the tile into pieces(踩瓦片) ☻three bows: ♥first bow to heaven and earth(一拜天地) ♥second bow to the parents(二拜高堂) ♥third bow to each other(夫妻對拜)

  17. Wedding Day Activities ☻bridal chamber(洞房): ♥sitting on the groom’s pants (together with one heart, fertility) ♥ exchange cups

  18. Wedding Day Activities • 10.Chinese Wedding Banquet(喜宴): ☻roast sucking pig(烤乳豬,virginity) ☻fish (plentiful) ☻noodles (long life) ☻sweet red bean soup with “lian zi” (蓮子)(sweet life, fertility) ☻tea (respect) alcohol (celebration) 7-up (seven happiness)

  19. Wedding Day Activities ☻retreating line (送客) (candies, tobaccos served by the couple)

  20. Post-Wedding • 1.breakfast of the next morning • 2.three days return visit

  21. Do’s and Don’ts • 1.Li Shi Money • 2.Don’t give a fan (means “apart”) • boy sleeping with the groom the night before wedding calls “壓床” • 4.the mother-in-law and sister-in-law shouldn’t face the door watching the bride walk in • 5.certain people shouldn’t attend wedding

  22. Chinese Wedding Invitation

  23. Chinese Wedding Invitation

  24. Chinese Wedding Invitation

  25. Chinese Wedding Invitation

  26. Chinese Wedding Invitation • 中式婚禮喜帖內容 • 謹訂於西曆_________ 年 • 農曆_______ 年____ 月_____日 (星期____) • 為(長)男________(二)女_________ • 在________________行結婚典禮 • 並於是日下午_______時假座___________市__________________酒樓敬備喜筵 • ____________時恭候____________時入席 __________________(出喜帖人姓名) • __________________(出喜帖人姓名)敬 

  27. Thank You for Listening 黃孟僑(Leah) & 張方維(Michelle)