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Marketing on a Shoestring PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing on a Shoestring

Marketing on a Shoestring

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Marketing on a Shoestring

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  1. Marketing on a Shoestring Ms Fiona Sweetman Director Hidden Secrets Tours

  2. Marketing on a Shoestring Know your product.. (from the outside in) Know your own market Make use of students or research bodies Make the most of the regional bodies that market your region

  3. Marketing on a Shoestring Be visible! Get your message right! Get a press release typed up Look after your database

  4. Marketing on a Shoestring Fiona’s tips for spending $1,000: • Create a card / brochure - 1000 for approx $250 design included • Register for a listing with Visit Victoria – approx $210 • If you are in a regional marketing area... (eg. usually free.. YOU MUST have a Web Presence! • Google Map your business... Free • Have a visitors book – good work of mouth! approx $30

  5. Marketing on a Shoestring Fiona’s tips for spending $1,000: • Create a press release  - post 500 - cost approx $250 • Offer to take famils (perhaps FREE) to your venue, site etc..  this will cost you ?... but should return 10 fold in the following 12 months. • Be visible… Networking… Maybe $300 pa – driving, gifts, drinks. • Take photos…. Even if they are not professional approx $50-$100 • Brand your car – website and phone - approx $100 -$250

  6. Marketing on a Shoestring Mr Chris Buckingham Chief Executive Destination Melbourne

  7. Marketing on a Shoestring Build a plan – must understand your market Accreditation through ATAP or other service providers Join local tourism association/ chamber of commerce/ Tourism Alliance Vic and participate Build your networks Be prepared to give, but be strategic

  8. Marketing on a Shoestring Online Visit Victoria Official Visitor Guides Building your own website Visitation and interest Booking engines (accommodation) Conversion

  9. Marketing on a Shoestring Ms Tish Black Director Robinsons in the City

  10. Marketing on a Shoestring Websites Online representation is crucial and every business should have a website. (Cost – free on google or for around $2,500 you can have an external design company create one for you) Content Management of your Website There are numerous advantages to being able to self manage all the content on your website. (Cost - one off fee - from $1,000 upwards, depending on the size of your website. The larger the website the more expensive)

  11. Marketing on a Shoestring Search Engine Optimisation Explore opportunities for greater exposure of your product or service. (Cost – from $50 per month, depending on the level of support required – up to $500 per month) On Line Booking Engine Customers want to be able to check availability of your product or service, make a booking and receive a secure on line confirmation – immediately. (Cost – less than $100 per month + a one off set up fee which is approximately $250)

  12. Marketing on a Shoestring Channel Manager A channel manager can save you time and increase yield. (Cost – these costs can vary, however, mine is included in the on line booking engine fee) Third Party Websites Effectively managing third party websites Commission Structures (10% commissions to third party, minimal or no commission on your own website) Links (co-operative marketing - free)

  13. Marketing on a Shoestring E-Marketing Keep in touch with your existing and prospective customers. (Cost – approximately $300 for a professional html template that you can self manage and change the content or free by creating a pdf attachment)

  14. Marketing on a Shoestring Questions Recommendations from the floor