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Green Acres

Green Acres

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Green Acres

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  1. Green Acres Mrs. Hanser March 30, 2009

  2. Business Slogan Reasonable price, great service

  3. Business Profile • My business is a landscaping business named Green Acres. I chose to go into a landscaping business, because it is a well needed service during the rainy and hot months of summer and spring. The landscaping business I plan on starting is a service business. Landscaping will satisfy the customer needs by simply allowing them to get a beautiful lawn by paying very little. While we work hard on the lawn they can work on relaxing or doing other things.

  4. Business Idea Qualifications • I have all the equipment needed to start a successful landscaping business. • I am a very hard worker, and I work to achieve high quality. • I am a very good negotiator, this helps when you need to get a customer but they can not pay you that price.

  5. Mission Statement • Green Acres exists to better the yards of neighborhoods willing to accept our business. We don’t work for the money, we work to achieve a better looking society. We work for the customer and the quality expected of us during each of our jobs.

  6. Product\Service Description • We will: • Work for high quality. • Charge less than our competitors. • Bring friendly, but hard working service to every job. Green Acres will satisfy customer needs by making yards and gardens look like they never did before.

  7. SWOT Analysis • Strengths- • Having all needed equipment • Friends willing to help • Weaknesses- • Not enough time for all jobs • Having to go to school in the Spring • Opportunities- • Local recreation parks need fixing • Family willing to hire me • Threats- • Competitors • Rain

  8. Consumer Profile • Location- • Olanta, Scranton, Coward, and some in surrounding areas. • Population- • My service is for those that own land, no group of specific people. • Personality- • There is no specific trait or personality needed for someone to be a customer for my business.

  9. Competition Competitive advantage- -I offer more than just cutting the consumers yard. -I am a great negotiator and work fast, while still maintaining good quality.

  10. Economics of 1 Unit Definition of One Unit- 1 Yard Selling Price Per Unit- ~$100 - Cost of Goods Sold- ~$30 Gross Profit Per Unit- ~$70

  11. Marketing Mix Product: -Making your lawn look better. Price: -$20 dollars per hour of labor plus price of objects. Place: -I can operate my business in any area, because my business is not grounded in a building. Promotion: -I am going to give out business cards, as well as putting up posters and fliers.

  12. Marketing Plan

  13. Marketing Tactics Fliers and Posters Business Cards

  14. Green Acres Landscaping: Reasonable Price, Great Service Green Acres can make your landscaping dreams become reality. For an estimate call: Austin Evans – 843-598-1942

  15. Green Acres Landscaping “Reasonable Prices, Great Service” We can make your landscaping dreams become a reality. For more information contact Austin Evans at- (843-598-1942) or (843-396-4534)

  16. Start-Up Cost

  17. Average Monthly Fixed Costs

  18. Projected Yearly Income Statement

  19. Return On Investment(ROI)

  20. Philanthropy Plan My business will support the local recreation program. We will be willing to sponsor teams and back up plans. Also if available, we will donate some money towards a local boys a girls club.

  21. Business Goals Short Term Long Term Fix up the local ball fields. Make downtown a place where people want to visit. • Start up my business. • Fix up the yards on my street.

  22. Thank You I would like to thank you for taking time off to look at my presentation. I would also like to say that if I am able to get a loan to start up my business that it will grow and be well worth it. This will be a very strong based business. Please consider how this business will help the community spread as well as make it a more presentable place. Thank you and have a nice day.