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Migration to SharePoint 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Migration to SharePoint 2010

Migration to SharePoint 2010

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Migration to SharePoint 2010

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  1. Preparing for SharePoint 2010 Migration HI Subhendu Pattnaik Manager, Marketing Mindfire Solutions

  2. Why SharePoint 2010 • SharePoint 2010 is an Unfinished Product • SharePoint Migration Decision • SharePoint 2010 Migration Vendor Selection • Mindfire SharePoint Migration & Development Services Agenda mindfire

  3. Evolution of 1-way to 2-way Communication. • Folder Subfolder structure of Info sharing is passé. • Without collaboration Portals are becoming stale. • Multi Million Dollar Portals dying a vegetable death! • A collaborative enterprise gives you Enterprise 2.0 status • SharePoint 2010 is Microsoft ‘s answer for this need • SharePoint 2010 is a big Pluggable Enterprise level integration platform • Comprising of Lego blocks, SharePoint 2010 is an incredible fun box • Social glue that brings everything nicely together that you are used to • work with, and steps it up a few notches. SharePoint 2010 : Enterprise Collaboration mindfire

  4. One Enterprise level Platform does not fit all. • Realization that every project within an org is unique with unique needs • No Common Solution exists which binds all until … • SharePoint 2010 • This is the basic reason why SharePoint 2010 is an incomplete product. • Meant to be customized and fitted in the Org needs. • Multiple features to attend to the needs of all. • Empowering the individual, Empowering the enterprise by Collaboration SharePoint 2010 is an Unfinished Product mindfire

  5. Experience • The longer a Sharepoint Migration Services company is associated with Sharepoint Migration, the chances are that, the more number of different Sharepoint migration projects it would have worked on. This also increases the chances of the offshore vendor having familiarity with your business domain. • Expertise • This is different. Your vendor might have a lot of experience in an area but lack of expertise in another. If you need a Sharepoint 2010 migration expert, it would not work out if you are getting an offshore SharePoint services provider who has not yet attempted a single migration, even though it might have expertise in site branding and so on. SharePoint 2010 Migration Vendor Selection mindfire

  6. Transparency • When work gets done at offshore, the first thing you fear you will lose is control. • At this stage, taking a detailed look on the project management practices, daily task reporting practices and other such daily dashboards with the work update and progress would help. • Scalability and Support • This is another important area which needs to be thought of. If you need sudden increase in manpower, the vendor should be able to provide you with the same for increasing the pace of your work. This needs to be clarified before the project is assigned to the vendor. SharePoint 2010 Migration Vendor Selection mindfire

  7. Mindfire Experience • Mindfire Solutions, one of the topmost, best known Sharepoint Migration and Porting companies in India has an experience of over 5 years in Sharepoint and Sharepoint Migration. • Mindfire Expertise • The Microsoft SharePoint domain is one of Mindfire's unique strengths in providing Enterprise SharePoint Services. Mindfire offers wide range of offshore outsourcing services, support and solutions in SharePoint including SharePoint 2003/2007 migration to SharePoint 2007/2010. • Mindfire Transparency • MindfireSharepoint Migration Serviceshave been used by clients round the globe and our Sharepoint Migration team has been appreciated always for its 24 X 7 support, expertise and reliability. Clients have also used Mindfire 2MV™ and Non-STOP168™ innovative approaches which ensure transparency of operations. • Mindfire Support • Mindfire Solutions has rich experience in providing expert Sharepoint support services to over 100 global clients. Our 20+ Sharepoint support projects span across 11 different industries. Mindfire Solutions’ offshore Sharepoint programmers and dedicated Sharepoint Maintenance team consistently push the limits of Sharepoint support to delight customers. Mindfire SharePoint 2010 Migration Services mindfire

  8. If you are looking to build a collaborative Enterprise 2.0, we can assist you in achieving your goal. Let our SharePoint Migration Consultants fix up an appointment for you. For more details, email us at Still Deciding? Mindfire is a Microsoft Gold Certified company with its SharePoint professionals certified in Microsoft technologies.