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WWW.GMFPC.COM. HOW TO SEARCH LIKE A PRO. SEARCH ENGINES ON SEARCH ENGINES. A. Search Engine/Directory: What’s the Difference? www.searchenginewatch.com. 1. Directory Engines. a . www.yahoo.com b . www.looksmart.com (an msn.com source) c . www.vivisimo.com d . www.hotsheet.com

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  1. WWW.GMFPC.COM HOW TO SEARCH LIKE A PRO 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  2. 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  3. 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  4. 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  5. SEARCH ENGINES ON SEARCH ENGINES A. Search Engine/Directory: What’s the Difference? www.searchenginewatch.com 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  6. 1. Directory Engines • a. www.yahoo.com • b. www.looksmart.com (an msn.com source) • c. www.vivisimo.com • d. www.hotsheet.com • e. Open Directory Project (dmoz.org) • f. Gimpsy.com • Legal Directory • A. www.hg.org LEGAL FOCUS • B. www.scirus.com SCIENCE FOCUS • C. Findlaw-for good legal rss feeds • Many sites allow for internal search of that site-like a directory • Directories, • completely updated by human editors. • a person submits their site to the directory • Decision-worthy of being listed in the directory. • grouped with other relevant sites in the directory. • harder to get listed in than search engines are for this reason. • Human editors won’t allow in unworthy sites; search engine bots will. • How frequently updated 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  7. Sample general directory page 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  8. Sample industry specific 1 of 2-law 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  9. SAMPLE industry specific 2 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  10. Search engines • a. www.google.com • b. www.askjeeves.com • c. www.alltheweb.com • d. www.hotbot.com • e. www.altavista.com • f. www.teoma.com • g. www.gigablast.com • h. www.lycos.com • i. www.live.com • j. www.search.aol.com • search engines aren’t updated by human • Updated by robots—spiders and crawlers programs that locate a page, browse it, and then report whatever it finds back to the search engine’s database. 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  11. TARGETED SITE WITHIN SITE • www.scholar.google.com 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  12. SAMPLE SEARCH ENGINE 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  13. Metasearch engines • a. www.dogpile.com • b. metacrawler.com • c. www.search.com • d. www.mamma.com • e. metasearch.com • f. www.chacha.com • G. msn.com -looksmart (directory) & inktomi (search engine) are sources • ALL JUST SAMPLES • COMBINES FEATURES OF SEARCH ENGINE AND DIRECTOR • will favor one type of listings over another. • Any site will have some features of another. • “human” selection may use robots • Advertising usually trumps relevance 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  14. SAMPLE METASEARCH 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  15. comparison • Search engines are run by robots;/directories are run by human editors Search engines are free to get listed in; some directories are not. Many directories charge money for each submission. • Search engines are faster but more general & more popular • Convenience type in a keyword into the search engine and relevant sites come up. So do irrelevant data • Directories-must go through categories and sub-categories which limits irrelevant dataDirectories have listings grouped together by topic; search engines can sometimes be disorganized. 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  16. How they work-search engines • Part 1. First is the spider or crawler. • visits a web page, reads it, and then follows links to other pages within the site. Site is "spidered" or "crawled." The spider returns to look for changes. Keywords are often added to fool the spider • Part 2. index. The index or catalog contains a copy of every web page that the spider finds. • Part 3. Search engine software matches indexed sites to a search and ranks them (e.g. ranking algorithm involves the location and frequency of keywords. Pages with the search terms appearing in the HTML title tag are often assumed to be more relevant, also if the search keywords appear near the top of a web page, frequency, how often keywords appear in relation to other words in a web page. • Part 4. Advertising-sites pay to be put on sides and within the search • Note: Not everything is added, not all sites are found or displayed and filters in the software may take out sites 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  17. How to select search engines • Decide which search engines you like by visiting them. Be ready for one to be consumed by another • Look at your goals (next 2 pages) • Experiment with multiple search engines based on the specific searches • Which sites have the features I need for an advanced search. See next slides 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  18. Picking the best search engine 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  19. Picking between search enginesnews, law, general information 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  20. Browser tricks and search engine tools • 1. Control F-the find feature • 2. Text Find features • Converters-omniformat, eg (free) • 3. Features built into specific search engines 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  21. Control F • Built into word processors and pdf readers • Part of windows software • Generally available on the internet • <control> f to access it-sometimes a reader box is already available, next, display all in some versions • Update your software regularly to get full use • Scan through search results and through documents & web pages 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  22. Control F examples1) within a search 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  23. ^F within a pdf document 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  24. ^f within word-end ^F 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  25. Built in features vs Boolean Logic • SEARCH WRITE UP • KEY WORDS • BUILT IN FEATURES • BOOLEAN LOGIC • SCANNING THROUGH DOCUMENTS • GO TO  1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114


  27. Advanced metasearch page 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  28. Advanced search-search engine(continued on next page) 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  29. DATE/USAGE/COMPARISON/LINK/ TOPIC SPECIFIC 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  30. LEADING UP TO BOOLEAN 1 of 2 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  31. Leading up to boolean 2 OF 2 • Expanding searches • check spelling • use alternative words (or) • different parts of search engine 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  32. Basic Boolean logicAdvanced Boolean comes next 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  33. Site specific logic-google 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  34. All sites have site specific commands • What follows are just some example pages 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  35. Google 1 of 3 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  36. 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  37. Google 3 of 3 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  38. Managing bookmarks • Define Categories Early • Organize these periodically outside of your web browser (www.gmfpc.com) • Multiple e-mail addresses are important • Cut down clutter rss, blogg & correspondence/personal vs business/features • Browser Organization 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  39. Organize linksoutside the internet 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  40. Sample of organized law sitesgoto www.gmfpc to see list 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  41. Organize links within the internet 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  42. Rss feeds saved in alternate e-mail address 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  43. To obtain rss feeds Mark sites of interest Get on mailing lists E.g. findlaw.com Add bankruptcy Use an independent e-mail address (e.g. gmail.com Dealing with feed info Open e-mail Look over info Set up subdirectory on computer Save as pdf or word file Put in briefs, blogs, newsletters, etc Rss feeds 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  44. Subdirectories for specific results 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  45. Info added to newsletter 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  46. www.gmfpc.com Next is investigative End of first part of seminar 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114


  48. Investigative Research-public records INFORMATION WANTED 1. PUBLIC RECORDS AND PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION Where is the public law What are the agencies involved What types of defendants am I looking for names of defendants issues with defendants 2. PRACTICE TOOLS a) I’d like to see what a class complaint looks like b) I need some agreements for class counsel 3. LOCATING PERSONS AND FINDING BACKGROUND INFORMATION a) defendants states counties b) attorneys c) experts 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  49. Type of sites for investigation • Government • Concept specific • Social networks • Search engines • Web cams, maps, google earth • White/yellow page type sites • Newspapers AL.COM FOR MOBILE PAPER 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

  50. Government concept site 1-46;47-75;76-90;91-114

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